Keyalenn’s Letter

Dear Mother,

I hope all is going well for you.  Father wrote to say you have arrived in Kalimdor.  One of the magister’s friends at my new school has written as well, and he said the fighting has started already.  I hope you’re being careful.  What’s it like there?  Have my sisters wrote yet?

Everything at my new school is going well so far.  Father may write and tell you that I’ve gotten in trouble, but it’s really not a big deal, and I’m really in no danger of being expelled again.  I’ve been good.  There isn’t much to do here.  The school is located in the southwestern Ghostlands, and the biggest excitement we have here is when one of those big spiders gets on the lawn.  They’re really big.  Really, really big.  Because of that, we’re not allowed out much except in the evening around supper.  I guess it’ll be cold here soon too.  The magic that keeps Eversong warm all year round doesn’t come this far south.  I wrote to father and asked him to send my warmer robes.

There aren’t a lot of students here, only five, including myself.  It’s kind of nice because I get an individual lesson twice a week.  My first one is Wednesday afternoon and my second one is Friday before lunch.  I have a little extra time now because the magister wasn’t feeling well today, but I was still able to ask questions on my lessons before he went back upstairs, and it’s still a lot more individual attention than I got at the school in Silvermoon.  There, it was all group classes.  Oh, there are group classes here, every morning, but then there are the private lessons, and I even have my own practice room!  I never had that at the school in Silvermoon.  We had to sign up for use of the rooms there.  So that’s really nice.  My only complaint is that my practice room is bigger than my bedroom.  I’m pretty sure everyone else has bigger bedrooms.  At least the bed is comfortable.

The food is good too.  The magister hires someone to cook, clean and take care of the garden.  He looks really busy all the time.

There are three ladies here about my age.  They’re also studying.  Maerista is a bit ahead of everyone, and I think she thinks she’s better than everyone else or something.  She’s always sitting off on her own, and doesn’t want to talk.  Xarola is really new to studying magic and is still on theory.  Desdeyliri is just a little ahead of me.  That makes it easy to choose who to study with!  Renner is the other male student, but we hardly ever see him.  He likes to study in his room, a lot.

Anyway, everything is going well here.  Maybe you won’t have to be there much longer.  I miss seeing you when we visit Silvermoon.

– Keyalenn



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