Aeramin’s Letter

My Dear Imralion,

I was so glad to get your letter, and hear that you’ve made it there safely, at least.  I’ve been thinking about you a lot, and figure the food probably hasn’t gotten any better so I’m sending along a pie in a separate package for you.  I packed it well so that it wouldn’t get crushed.  It should be okay if it gets turned upside down too, so hopefully it’ll get to you.  I hope it won’t take too long either.  I wrote urgent all over the package so maybe that will help!

I’ve been thinking about what you said about the house in the Ghostlands.  My father hasn’t worked on fixing it up at all.  Sometimes I think he’s just using his injury as an excuse.  He seems perfectly able to go buy something to drink, but can’t clean up the place.  I’ve decided, that since I own the place, I have to make it safe or else he’ll try blaming me when a piece of the ceiling falls on his head.  That’s not something I really want to deal with so I’ve decided I’ll be going there this weekend, and staying until the work is done.  Hopefully, once I’m there, I can find someone to hire to help.  All of my letters to the town have gone unanswered.  I’d also like to set him up with some volunteer help to make sure he has food and stuff once a week.  In Silvermoon, he had a priest who came from the sanctum with food for him.  Now all he does is write and say he has no money or food.  Since it seems I can’t set anything up for him through the mail, I’ll have to go there and do it in person.

I’ve asked Kes to check my mail and forward anything that looks important.  She knows that hearing from you is important to me, so I’ll still get your letters.  I do think the work that needs to be done on the house will keep my mind occupied, maybe better than my work in calligraphy.  I’m almost finished with the current orders for invitations, so I’ll be able to go there as soon as they’re done.  I might be able to still work on some too, I’ll figure it out once I get there, and I know how much extra time I have in the evening.

I’ll probably be staying at the house to save money.  I’m really not looking forward to living with my father for the next few weeks.  I do hope I can find someone living to hire to help with the work, and that’s the other thing.  I really, really don’t like anything undead.  In that way the next few weeks are going to be long.  I hope there aren’t too many in the town.  I know they’re supposed to be friendly now, but I don’t trust them.

They scare me.

I haven’t been to Kalimdor.  The way I’ve heard Lali talk about it, there are trees all over, and hills and lakes everywhere.  Speaking of Lali, I stopped by to check on her the other day.  She’s really worried about Raleth.  Do you know which unit he’s with?  Maybe you could let him know that she’s really upset, if you know where he is.

I think about you all the time, so I sort of understand what she’s going through.  Be careful.  I hope for your swift victory so that you may return home soon.  I love you.

Yours Always,



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