Hethurin’s Notes

  • My birthday is tomorrow.  Well, Sanimir’s birthday is, and I guess that’s technically mine because I am Sanimir, no matter what it says on Hethurin’s identity papers.  Sometimes I wonder why he got papers that said I’m older than I am.  Hethurin is 104.  I’ll really be 93.

  • Or I already am. All the time I’ve spent sleeping in another time, and the week I spent away, it all adds up, right?  So I come back to the same time that I left, that doesn’t make the time spent there go away.  So I guess that technically, I was 93 years old a few weeks ago.  My birthday is still the day I was born though, so I guess I can still celebrate it in Shattrath with Isandri and Kes even though I’m already 93.  Otherwise, I don’t know when to celebrate.  I guess I don’t really know how old I am now, and it’ll only get worse.  I understand now why my future self told me that I was technically 149 then.  I guess if I’ve already lost track, then it’s not going to get any easier in the future.

  • I still plan to go to Shattrath for it.  Maybe they’ll have some cake there at the restaurant.  I know Terellion would have made a great cake, but I don’t want to draw attention to it here at the school.  I think it’s best if no one questions my age.  I figure they probably already do, just not to my face.

  • I mean, I know I’m young, but that doesn’t mean I can’t teach.  I’ve been doing just fine with that.  Everyone is learning.  I might still be learning too, but I figure I always will be, and if I stop learning things, then that probably means I’m dead.  It’s fine to start teaching while I’m still learning.

  • I told Des about Renner.  It wasn’t easy to tell her, and she was upset.  I don’t think she’s mad at me, and I really hope she understands.

  • I think it’s not time to tell the others yet.

  • I like going out to the garden in the evening.  It’s relaxing, and there’s a nice view there.  Usually some of the students are there too, so it’s a good time to socialize.

  • Terellion has been raking leaves a lot lately.  Probably because there’s a lot of leaves to rake.

  • I got letters from Tik and from the confessor.  Tik wrote one letter to everyone, and then separate letters for me, Des and Renner.  Of course, I don’t think he knows about the others yet, not to mention, he doesn’t know them.  I put the one for everyone from Tik up on the board in the classroom.  That way, everyone could read it, even the new people.  I know some of them have relatives there too, so I was worried that it might upset them to read that the fighting has started, but they seem okay so far.  I’m watching out for them.  I know it’s not easy, and that they’re worried about their friends and family there.  I am too, and I’m trying to remain both positive about and sensitive to how they feel.

  • I’m also not trying to put too much stress on them, but I am trying to keep them busy.  It’s a delicate balance, I think.  Xarola seems a little overwhelmed, but then there’s Keyalenn, who doesn’t seem to have enough to do.  I’m giving Key extra work, and I spend most of my lesson with Xarola going over the basics of the group lessons.  The confessor mentioned in his letter that they could all write to him.  I put a notice about that up on the board next to Tik’s letter.  Maybe some of them will.

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