Dear Father,

The mages have arrived and have started making portals for everyone.  They’re sending some people to set up the tents first so I have time to write one last letter before going.  I wanted to say again that I’m sorry.  Has mother moved back in yet?  I hope she has.  She hasn’t written, so I don’t really know what’s going on.

I think I’ll be okay here.  We have a group of rangers assigned to guard us and we’ll be back away from the fighting, so I probably won’t even see a single orc.  I’ll be safe.

I’ve heard from Sanimir.  The house he’s having fixed up for me is looking good so far, so he says.  I’m still not used to calling him Hethurin.  Have you visited him lately?  He has a few more students now.  I’m eager to meet them when I get back.

It looks like they’re almost ready for us, so I should seal this and be on my way.  I love you, and I promise to be careful.

– Lani


My Dearest Isandri,

The ships left a few days ago, and now the mages are back to make our portals there.  I’m writing quick to tell you how much I love you, and how beautiful you are.  We should be able to get mail there.  Just send it here and the mages can send it through.  I’m taking paper and ink with me, but I may not have a lot of time to write.

There’s not a day that goes by, that I don’t spend most of it wondering if you’re okay, and worrying about you being without me.  Please stay safe while I’m gone.  I will do my best to do the same.

Love for Always and Ever,



Dear Imralion,

I hope you get this okay.  I know things are probably a bit chaotic setting up camps and such.  I got your letter after getting back from trying to visit you.  I found the island practically empty compared to how it was before, with most of the tents being taken down.  I’m sorry that I missed you.  I wanted to see you before you left, and I missed that.

How is everything there?  Was the boat okay?  Has the fighting started already?  They don’t have you in front, do they?  I worry about you.  I miss you being home.

Isandri made more cookies and dropped them off today.  I’ve been occupying myself a lot with work.  I’ve taken more jobs than I usually do.  Working on invitations and book copies doesn’t really keep my mind off you, but it does give me something to do besides pacing back and forth.

I love you.  Please, be careful.

– Aeramin


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