Hethurin – Letter and Notes

Master Goldbrand,

Greetings.  I regret to inform you that your son, Keyalenn Goldbrand, has been caught disregarding the rules here at Fairsong Academy.  I have spoken to him about it, and he assures me that it won’t happen again, but I thought you should be informed of the situation.  If this happens too many times, he will be expelled.

As the sole instructor here, for now, I try to provide a safe and quiet atmosphere that encourages my students to study.  The library is ever-growing, and each student has their own practice room so that they may freely make mistakes and learn without worrying about their fellow students or having to schedule their time in a practice room.  While I normally encourage my students to decorate their practice rooms and bedrooms if they wish, I do object to the types of things that Keyalenn found to put on the walls.  They were inappropriate, to say the least, for the practice room of a respectable school.

I caught him with the items in question before they were affixed to the wall, thankfully.  Here at Fairsong Academy, I understand that my students can sometimes feel a little isolated due to our location in the Ghostlands.  I do make every effort to include educational outings as much as possible, but sometimes it is nice to relax and just go to the faire.  We were to all stay together while there, but Keyalenn disappeared shortly after our arrival at the grounds.  I found him, finally after searching all night, at a questionable tent at the edge of the fair with the enclosed “art” which he had just purchased there.  He has informed me that you allow him to have such things at home.  I have informed him that he is not to have them here, and so I’m sending them to you so that he can have them again once his studies are concluded here.  Judging by the way he acted after I told him that I was sending them to you, I assume you don’t actually allow him to hang these things in his room at home.

Hopefully, he will think before acting in the future.  I will let you know if I have any other problems with him.

Thank you.

– Magister Hethurin Fairsong


Notes on students:

Desdeyliri – She is adjusting well to having more people around.  I was a little bit worried that she wouldn’t like having more people here, but I think she likes them all.  There are three new students.  Two of them are female, so maybe she likes that there’s other women around to talk to now.  Her lessons are going very well, and I expect she’ll be able to help with two of the new students.  It’s good for them to work together.

Renner – Not really a student, but he’s pretending to be still.  He’s been hiding in his room more since I got more students.  I’m a bit worried about him because I know it’s difficult for him to fit in.  He’s not really a very good elf.  My lessons with him have been going well.  I still have time for them, which I know is something he worried about a bit.  I give the group lesson first thing after breakfast, then there’s an hour for a private lesson with one of the real students.  After lunch, there’s another hour for a private lesson, and they all have practice, which they usually don’t need me for.  I usually teleport to Renner’s practice room and have my lesson there.  There’s also additional time when it’s Renner’s scheduled lesson because he doesn’t really have one.  The hard part is scheduling around Rylad.  It’s not that bad though.  He usually sleeps at the same times during the day, and eats at the same times.  He really likes being carried in the sling so I use that a lot while I’m teaching.  It’s been working out well for both the lessons I give and the lessons Renner gives.

Maerista – I was a bit worried about her at first.  She said the school was small, and she kept looking at me like I was a joke.  Her father had already sent the tuition though, so she didn’t have much choice, not that there’s any other schools open either.  She wouldn’t have had much choice anyway.  Despite starting off a bit badly, she has proven to be a good student.  She is more advanced than the others and has specialized in learning fire magic.  Admittedly, fire isn’t my strength.  I had a lot of help from Aeramin when I was studying it, but she’s not so far advanced in it yet.  Eventually, I’ll have to hire someone to teach fire magic to the students who wish to specialize in it.  For now, I’m able to handle it.  Her lessons are going well.

Keyalenn – He’s awfully cute, but way too young, not to mention I don’t want any scandals about the school.  He’s blond, but it fits him well.  I don’t think he’d be interested anyways, not after the things I caught him buying at the faire.  His lessons are going well.  He has a good solid base in magic theory, so that helps.  I think it’ll just be a question of making sure he focuses on what he’s doing.

Xarola – She’s just starting to learn.  This means I take the time to add some additional explanations in the group lesson.  I want it to be relevant for all of my students.  She’s the only one without a practice room right now.  Her private lesson is given in the classroom instead of the practice rooms.  Despite not having any schooling, she seems to be learning basic theory quickly.  She has mentioned that she has read a lot on her own.  She’s allergic to fish.

Terellion – Not a student, but he’s new here too.  He’s doing Tik’s job while Tik is away in Kalimdor.  When he gets back, they can work it out between themselves who does what.  There’s a lot more work here with the baby and three new students so I’ll need to keep both of them.  Even if Rylad goes home, there will still be a lot of work..  I almost wonder if I should have hired two new people.  I do still have the death knight working on the house for Lani, which is going well.  The stairs are done.  I don’t want him inside though.  Xarola mentioned the death knight could kill spiders.  She also said she wants to help in the kitchen.  Des is already helping in the kitchen too, but I guess it’s okay for a bit, until Tik gets back.  I don’t want Terellion to be overworked.  He’s cute too, but young.  Sometimes when I don’t have anything else to do, which isn’t very often, I spy on him.  I don’t know if that would work very well because he’s paid to be here.

I don’t know where else to meet guys.


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