The Apprentices

Keyalenn Goldbrand rode his red hawkstrider along the overgrown path in the Ghostlands.  To his side rode a young archer who had been hired to escort him safely to the location of the school his sister had read about on one of the boards in Silvermoon.  He might never forgive her for that.  The Ghostlands!  Why would anyone think of having a school there?  He was even more surprised when his father decided it was a good idea.

Of course, there was the punishment.  Was this part of it?  There had been a very long lecture the previous night, due to a prank earlier in the day involving Keyalenn and some of the other boys from the school in Silvermoon.  His father’s words still rang in his head, “It’s one of the few schools still open.  Why would you do anything to risk your chance to continue studying?  Why is it, no matter where you go, you find a way to get into trouble?”

Keyalenn frowned as his hawkstrider followed the archer’s around a cart that had broken and been left in the middle of the path.  The dark plants grew all around, and even in it, indicating it had been there for quite some time.  It certainly seemed like part of the punishment could be sending him here.  He’d certainly have less ways to get into trouble.

He didn’t have a good answer for his father about the other question either.  He hadn’t meant to risk being expelled from the school.  He had only just begun his studies in magic a few weeks ago, and was already messing up.  He did it on a dare.  Of course, telling his father that was out of the question.  The other boys should have known better as well.  They had been there longer.  Nobody was hurt anyway.  Keyalenn was certain all his father would hear was excuses.

He looked around as the hawkstriders continued along the path.  They had to be getting close now.  The path had been cleared fully of the weeds here.  Up ahead, he saw what looked like flowers planted along the side of it.  He checked his cloak pocket for the letter from his father, and the coin purse with his tuition money as he frowned once more.  There really was a school out here, and he was going to have to stay.


Xarola Trailsong had to act quickly.  She knew that when she saw the two young men set out in the direction of where the school was supposed to be located.  Her family had just saved up enough to send her to study when nearly all the schools closed temporarily as the many of the magisters went to fight in the war.  She had started to think that she would never even get a chance to be a mage.

It was during an errand that she ran for her mother yesterday that she saw the poster.  A school in the Ghostlands was accepting students.  She had almost dropped the packages her mother had asked her to mail upon reading it.  She had quickly finished her errands and hurried back home.

Her mother had been just as excited.  It was a wonderful opportunity for her, though her mother did have some reservations about the location.  They decided it would be best to rent a dragonhawk to get there.  Mother did not want her traveling on the ground.

Xarola did have to stop in the town to feed the dragonhawk before continuing on the way there.  That was when she saw the two men on hawkstriders heading the direction she needed to go.  The dragonhawk chittered as it finished it’s meal.  Hopefully she would be able to beat both of them there.


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  1. Ooh a troublemaker *rubs paws*

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