Hethurin’s Notes

  • If I’m happy, then why do I cry?

  • I want to accept that I may be alone in the future.  I want to be okay with it, but I am lonely.  I don’t really want to be alone.

  • Maybe I have no other choice, but to accept it.

  • I guess I was wrong to ask Aeramin about it.  He doesn’t want to talk to me anymore.  I was going to stay in Shattrath a bit longer, but I guess I don’t really belong there anymore.  I think any future trips there will be much shorter, no longer than three days.  That should be enough to see the tailor if I want, check for books, and let Rylad play with Naraleth for a bit.

  • It’s probably wrong to talk to apprentices or dragons about it too.  I wish Confessor Morthorn was back.  I wish everyone was back.  I wish no one had to go in the first place.

  • Anyway, I wound up not being able to talk like I wanted to, so our trip was short this time too.  I did order some more robes.  I really do like the tailor’s work in the Lower City.  I’ll have to go back in a week to pick them up.  That’s okay because I did want to see if Kes was around.  I didn’t see her this time.

  • I picked up the signs this morning too.  I found the guy in the Lower City.  He couldn’t believe who told me about him.  I guess Aeramin’s been taking a lot of his work and he’s not happy about that.  Well, he was happy that Aeramin didn’t want to take the work I needed done, so I guess I did something good.  His work is okay, but I think next time I’ll look in Silvermoon.

  • I’m put one of the posters up in Silvermoon and the other in Tranquillien.  I’m looking for both students, and someone to cook, clean, repair and provide security.  I think I’ll just take one or two more students.  I don’t want to take on too many at once.  I really only have one now, but then I’m still learning as well.  Still, I think it will be a good thing to work towards my future.

  • Tik’s job is secure.  We all miss him, but I need someone here to do the work that he normally does.  If I get another student, there will be more work too, so he might appreciate the help when he gets back.

  • Rylad is still with me.  I think I’m getting better at taking care of him.  I don’t worry about changing diapers now, and I can almost predict when he’ll want his milk, or when he’s about to get tired.  I guess it gets easier.  I’m going to write to Nessna and Vessen and let them know things are going very well.

  • I think I’ll leave out the part about his kaldorei babysitter in Shattrath.

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