Alt Appreciation – Druid Week

Yes, another week with no shortage of screenshots and stories!  Continuing with Alt Appreciation weeks from World of Lae, we’re now in Druid Week.  I have six druids over level 80, and about a million under level 10.  Trust me, the hunter/mage problem is worse.

My first druid was Terivanis.  He was originally called Jaevan on a regular PVE realm, but when I transferred him to Wyrmrest Accord for RP, I thought he needed a different name instead of just being a variant on my hunter’s name.  I play him primarily as resto, and he is the only druid I finished the epic flight form quest on.  It’s out of the game now, or I’d do it on others.  He’s level 90, and I occasionally take him into ToT LFR.  Teri has been part of the rp, and has stories on this site.  He’s a grumpy old burd, who is a little less grumpy now.

Terivanis, aka Burd

Terivanis, aka Burd

Terivanis has a tauren friend in his story, a druid named Rohau.  He exists in-game, and has become my banker horde side.  He’s level 83, just gaining a level a couple of days ago.  Go cow!

Rohau is resto too.

Rohau is resto too.

Rohau in his usual spot.

Rohau in his usual spot.

Relanos and Farahlor are the babies.  They aren’t actually role played because IC they’re too young.  I created them just to keep their names from being used.  I wound up leveling them.  Farahlor is feral spec and level 82.  Relanos is guardian and level 85.

Farahlor and Relanos.

Farahlor and Relanos.

Then there’s Jaellynn.  Yes, he was just part of death knight week.  Who says death knights can’t want to be druids?  Jaellynn remembers his life before his death as a druid apprentice, and he wants to continue learning, despite being dead.  His druid version has two dots above the ‘y’ in his name.  He is level 85.


Then there’s Pimzoz.  Pimzoz was created as part of my new army of alts when I transferred to horde side on my main for raiding.  I didn’t want to faction transfer all of my alliance characters, and I had the free space to work with yet on that server.  When I burned out on raiding and decided to try RP, Pimzoz was left behind in this elite top raiding guild.  Two years later, he was still level 12, and to my surprise, still in the guild.  They had done all the gold challenge modes and defeated heroic sha of fear.  I could get things!  I bought the pet, then set about leveling him for the mount, which he was able to learn at level 85.  I have since transferred him to The Venture Co realm.  It’s an RP PVP realm, and one of two realms that are not subject to CRZ.  He sits in Storm Peaks now, hunting a certain protodrake!



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  1. Haha I kinda want to do this now… but I’m a week late D:

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