Orledin’s Job

I arrived at the estate yesterday.  It was quite a ways further away from town than I had supposed.  I could tell when I was getting close.  The road out there was mostly overgrown with dark, thorny plants, but they had been cut away as I neared the place.  Closer still, flowers adorned each side of the path.  I could see the house then.  It was a large house on the hill by the sea, just as the mage had described.  As I made my way up the hill, I could see some of the other buildings just to the north, hidden within the forest, in various states of disrepair.

As I neared the door the mage appeared on the stairs leading to it.  He appeared, just like that.  I hadn’t even gotten close enough to knock.  He must have been watching for me.  One thing is certain, he’s terrified of me.  I’m careful not to make any quick movements that could startle him, though I think the only thing that can kill me now is separating my head from the rest of my body, I’m not eager to test that theory by getting hit by fire balls.  It’s bad enough that I’m undead.  I don’t need to be burned and undead.

The mage is very jumpy around me.  He ‘led’ me to the building he wanted fixed up by pointing and saying where to turn.  He walked behind me.  I did wonder at one point if it was merely an elaborate trap.  Perhaps he knew of a nest of spiders and was planning to lock me in with them, but no, that didn’t happen.

We arrived at a small house near the stables.  He stated that it was the one.  I honestly haven’t done much work with repairing homes.  However, I think I was more knowledgeable than the mage.  He thought that because the walls looked good from the outside that they just needed to be redone and painted inside.  I could tell from looking that the one whole corner is going to need to be rebuilt.  The water damage from the leaking roof has rotted the inner part of the wall.  It would probably collapse in a few years if left alone.

I’ve brought some books with me to show me how to do some of these things.  I was lucky that they had some in town.  Even luckier that they were in one of the undead’s possession.  I managed to convince him to loan me the books.  I doubt one of the elves would have lent them to me.  Perhaps the Confessor would have, but he’s away for now.  Many of them are.  There’s apparently something going on in Kalimdor that many have been called away to.  I never got a letter.

Not that I’d go if I did.  I’m sure there must be an exception for being dead.

I’m allowed to stay in the house while fixing it.  That’s the way he put it.  I’m not to come near the main house.  I asked him how I would ask for the supplies that would be needed, and he said that I could keep a list of things needed.  He promised to check in on the progress every day or two.  He might miss a day now and then as he’s very busy, in his words.

So now I’m staying here in this old house that may collapse on one side at any given moment.  At least he’s paying decently.


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