The Draft 5

Perothis looked up at the tall ranger instructing him.  “You’re going too?”

“I don’t have a choice.”

“Who’s going to teach me?  What about the city?  We need people to watch it.”

“You’ve learned a lot in the time you’ve been here.  I’ve been asked to tell you that you have a job, if you wish to accept it.”

Perothis raised a brow.  “A job?”

“You’re right.  We need people to watch the city.  You’re too young to go, but Silvermoon needs people like you watching over it.”

Perothis grinned, “I’d love to!”


Aeramin’s Letter to Imralion:

My Dear Imralion,

I hope this letter finds you okay.  I’m sending it to Quel’Danas, but I have no idea how things are set up there.  Are you staying in one of the inns now?  Sleeping in a tent in the square couldn’t have been easy.  I don’t think I would have been able to do it.

Am I able to visit?  How long will you be on Quel’Danas?  They won’t try to make me stay if I visit, will they?  I miss you so much.  I hope I can see you before you’re sent to Kalimdor.  Maybe we can find a quiet place on the island, though if there really are so many people, maybe there’s no quiet places left.

I’m afraid of losing you.  You need to be careful there.  Orcs in Orgrimmar aren’t like the ones in the lower city, or so I’ve heard.  I’ve never been there, so I don’t really know, but I heard the ones in Orgrimmar are much more violent.  I just want you to be safe.

I’ve made arrangements to see my father soon.  He wants to live in the Ghostlands.  I’m not thrilled about having to travel there to see the place, but I’m not giving him a copper without seeing it first.  I figure if he’s there, he’ll have less trouble to get into, or maybe the Scourge will eat him.  Either way, if it makes me hear less from him, then it’s a good thing.  I’ll have to arrive early, and we’ll be renting hawkstriders to make the trip out there.  We’ll have to ride slowly for him, and I’ve made arrangements to stay at the inn that night.  Hopefully, this is the last I’ll have to deal with him.

I’ll bring some pie for you when I visit.




Latahlali’s Diary:

Dear Diary Book,

Silvermoon is stupid.  Orcs are stupid.  Trolls are stupid too, and so is war.  Raleth received a letter in Thalassian last night.  I can make out a few words, but he told me what it says.  He has to go help some troll rebellion in Kalimdor.  They’re fighting orcs.  I found that out from Vael when he finally wrote back.  I guess if he’s been killing orcs though, he’s been busy.

Anyway, Raleth said it was orders to go.  I mean, they didn’t ask him if he wanted to go.  They’re ordering him to go.  It’s not fair.  Naraleth needs him here, and I do too, but I guess we’re not in the list of exemptions.  Having young children to care for is, but I’m afraid they’d want to see Naraleth then, and to be honest, he looks a bit too much like me.

It makes me worry about Naraleth’s future too.  We can’t show him to people who wouldn’t understand.  When I take him out to the market, I try to make sure no one can see his eyes.  A lot of times, I just don’t take him out because I’m afraid of people’s reactions if they knew.  Shattrath is a very accepting city, with a wide variety of people here, but he’s probably the only half-kaldorei, half-sin’dorei elf here.

Wars are stupid.

Maybe the trolls are going to get rid of all of the orcs.  I guess that would be a start, but trolls aren’t much better.  They usually tend to keep out of the forest though.  Maybe they’re a little more reasonable than orcs, but I don’t think by much.  Just a little.

But then I worry about the baby orcs.  Are they going to get rid of them too?  I bet if they just raised them to be nice, then they’d be okay, and if they’re okay, then the wars would stop and Naraleth could go wherever he wants when he’s grown up.

I hope it’s all over soon.  Maybe Raleth won’t even have to go if it’s done before next week.


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