The Draft 3

Vallindra Embersun looked up from her reading as the door opened.  She flashed a quick smile upon seeing Xanaroth.  “Good evening.”

He smiled back, holding forth a covered take-home plate of food.  “Hello.  I didn’t know you were back already.  I brought some supper home for you.”

She nodded, “Just put it on the table.  I’ll eat soon.”

He started walking to the dining area, but paused and turned half-way there.  She had returned to her book already, but held a bookmark ready for when she found a good place to stop.  He continued, placing the plate on the table and sitting in one of the chairs.

He was too quiet.  Even with her back turned, she could tell he was watching her.  Her ear twitched  “What is it?” she asked, still looking down at the book.

He hesitated before asking, “Have any letters come for us?”

“There were some today.  My mother wrote.  Apparently, my father and Nessna are going to Orgrimmar.  She’s furious over Nessna’s choice of a babysitter.”  She finally looked up, slipping the bookmark between the pages as she closed the book.  “I can’t say I blame her.”

“Oh.  Were there any others?”

“Yes.  We received letters to report to Silvermoon.”  She paused, watching Xanaroth’s expression go from slightly worried to greatly worried.  She smiled, “It’s okay.  I took care of it.”

He raised a brow in surprise.  “You did?”

“I sent them back with a note that they had the wrong address.”  She sat at the table and uncovered the plate of food.

Xanaroth grinned.


Tik knocked on the door to the magister’s study.  He had been spending a lot of time reading lately, when his baby nephew was napping.  The first few nights had been rough on him, though when Tik offered to take the night shift, the magister had refused, stating that he already did more than enough.

“Come in.”

Tik opened the door.  The magister sat at his desk.  One of his hands held open the book on the desk.  The other held the baby, Rylad.  “I’m sorry to disturb you, Magister,” Tik said quietly, noting the baby was asleep, “But I’m afraid I must ask for some time off.”  He held forth his letter from Silvermoon with orders to report there.

“What?  There must be some mistake.  We need you here.”

“There’s no mistake, Magister.  It’s the same letter as you received only a few days ago.  I’m afraid I have no reason for exemption.”

The magister let his book on the desk as he took the letter from Tik.  He looked it over quickly, frowning as he did, “Tiglarius?”

“That’s my name, Magister.”

The magister frowned.  “I like Tik better.”

“As do I.”

“You can’t go.  We need you here.”

Tik wished it was that easy.  “I don’t think they’ll accept that as a reason for exemption, Magister.”

The magister frowned again, looking up to him as he handed the letter back.  “Aren’t there any other things you could be exempt for?”

“No, Magister.  That’s why I’ve come to request the time off.  I’m not sure how long it will be.”

The magister sat in silence for a minute before replying, “You have as long as you need.  Be careful, Tik.  We do need you here.  Please, make sure you come back.”

Tik nodded, “Of course, Magister.”


Lanthiriel Lightmist placed the paper on the desk and pointed to the name.  “You got the name wrong.  This order should be made out to me, not my father.  We wrote back saying I would be the one going.  Not him.”  She had been lucky to have been able to get the mail before her mother did, and lucky again that no one questioned her when she left during lunchtime.

The man behind the desk picked up the paper.  “Isturon Lightmist is your father then?”

“Yes, you need to change that to my name.  I’m the one going.  You wanted one of us.  He has a business to run, and children to take care of.”  True, those children were just her and Esladra who were still at home, but the man at the desk didn’t need to know that.  She was already lying about everything else.  Father had insisted on being the one to go.  She couldn’t allow it.  The mail telling him where to report had fallen into her hands.  He didn’t need to know about that either.  She was going to go in his place.

The man got up, and went to another room.  He returned, crossing out her father’s name, and writing her name in.  “The time and place will be the same.  We’ve switched it to your name.”

Lanthiriel tried to smile, “Thank you.”


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