Yappy sat on the hill near the camp outside of the old draenei temple.  At first glance, it appeared that he was looking off into the distance, lost in thought.  What he was really doing was watching the events inside the temple, through his master’s eyes.  He worried.  As an imp, he was low on the chain.  Being bound to the elf summoner was much safer than being subject to the abuse of larger, more powerful demons.  If his master died, he would have to return.  He much preferred the protection of being bound to the elf, and did his best to please, even if it was difficult when master told him to shut up.

He stood suddenly.  He could see the blond summoner return to the large room.  They were going to try to go.  Yappy clapped his hands in delight.  Master had been stuck in the room.  As he and the other summoners were sneaking around the old temple, some fighting started that blocked the way out of one of the hallways.  Yappy watched as all of the summoners grabbed their things and made their way up and out the hall.  The fighting had moved down another corridor.

“Go!  Yes!  Go!” Yappy shouted aloud.

The blood knight, the archer and Zorrot, the other imp, turned to look at him.  Yappy had been left with them to provide an additional way of communication.  Master had also instructed Yappy to help protect the group, especially the blood knight.  He was master’s friend.

“They’re out!  They’re out!” Yappy skipped around in a circle around the others.  “They’re out of the room!  Go around fighting!”

Zorrot started hopping around behind Yappy, joining in the celebration as the archer and the blood knight watched.

“They’re out?” Master’s friend asked as he stood, and looked towards the temple.  His long golden hair swung with his movements, and his heavy armor clanked as he turned.

“Not out the temple.  Out of the room.  They go past!”  Yappy chattered excitedly.

“Oh.”  Master’s friend sat back down with a frown. “When are they going to get out?”

“Stone leads again.  They follow–  Oh!  Shiny!”

Master’s friend blinked.  “Shiny?”

“Treasure!  Gold!  Take it, Master!  Take it all!”  Yappy started skipping around the camp again.  “Get rid of empty bottles.  Make more space.  Broken glass, watch where you step!  There’s another there!  Take it too!”

Master’s friend stared at Yappy a bit oddly.  The archer did too.  Zorrot stood off to the side, rubbing his hands together greedily.

“We’re rich!  We’re rich!”  Yappy continued chatting, “The stone still leads.  The stone makes us rich!  Follow it!  Girls take jewelry.  Very pretty!”

The elves went back to sitting at the camp and quietly discussing something between themselves as Yappy continued watching his master.  They stopped talking and looked up the moment Yappy stopped.  He took a few steps back.  “What is it?  A portal.  Is it safe?”

“What’s happening?”  Master’s friend asked.  “Where are they?”

“They’re at the top,” Yappy pointed towards the old draenei building, “The top of the temple.  There’s something there.  They discuss now.  The stone pulls.  Master wary.  It’s a soulwell.  It wants to go there.  There’s a portal.  They discuss–”

Yappy’s eyes widened and his mouth hung open for a moment before sputtering, “She takes it!”  Immediately after speaking, he started cowering close to the ground.  “Not good.  Not good.  Not good at all.”  He pulled his ears around over his eyes, “Can’t watch!”

Zorrot, too, cringed closely to the ground.  The elves looked at each other again.  Master’s friend spoke, “You have to watch.  What’s happening?  What isn’t good!”

“She takes it!”  Yappy yells again.  “She takes it and puts it there and says it’s time to go, but there’s someone there now.  They try to banish him, but he’s too strong!  He uses the portal.  Not good.  Not good!”  Yappy cowered, crouching close to the ground again.  He screamed, “Aaaargh!  Pitlord!  Master, no!  No die.  He’s gonna die.  He’s gonna die!”

Master’s friend grabbed his sword.  The archer looked towards the top of the temple, a deep frown settling on his face.  Zorrot threw himself to the ground and covered his head with his hands.

Yappy uncovered his eyes.  “Oh! Oh! Oh! False alarm!  Embersun controls pitlord.  Answers to him now.  Other guy angry!  Master burn him!  Hurts him, but not a lot.  Keep trying!  Burn more! Pitlord hit him!”  He punched his fist into his other hand.

“Are they in trouble?  Do they need help?”  Master’s friend demanded.  “Who’s burning who and why?  There’s a pitlord up there?”

“Master burns the–  Aaaaagh!  So many!  Fire everywhere.  Felfire.  Fireballs.  Imps.  So many.  How?”  Yappy paused briefly to look at the temple.  It did look like there was something going on top.  An eerie green glow flickered intermittently with the orange glows.  He pointed, “Fires. They’re going to die.  They’re going to die.  No!  They’re alive!  Master teacher takes care of imps.”

Zorrot pounded the ground with his fist as the two elves continued to look towards the temple.  They could see the fires too.

“Noooo!”  Yappy screamed, “More at the portal.  Felhunters.  They’re going to die!”  Yappy threw himself to the ground again.  “Can’t watch master die.  They’re going to die.  The felhunters come for him.  He tries to slow them with fire.  They like magic.  They eat magic.  They eat Master!  Master is dying!”  Yappy wailed loudly.

Master’s friend started out of the camp and towards the temple.  The archer grabbed his arm, “Don’t go.  You’ll just get yourself killed too.”  The archer glanced up at the top of the temple as he continued, “They may survive, and they may need our help after.  We’ll wait until they contact us with the mirrors, or a calmer imp.”

Yappy rolled around on the ground, continuing to cry.  He stopped suddenly, standing up to clap.  “Skelvegen kills them!  He kills the felhunters.  He takes the axe and cuts away the tendrils and then kills them!  Oh–  Oh no.  He goes to the portal again.  Aaaaugh!  Doomguard!  Master burns the guy.  Master getting tired.  They’re going to die!  No, the doomguard is banished!  The other guy is tired too.  They do more fire spells.  The pitlord hits him!  He falls to the ground!”  Yappy paused briefly, watching the events play out through his master’s eyes before relaying what was happening to the others.  “There’s someone else.  She comes and banishes the other.  She takes some of his power.  It’s safe to have some, not all.  It’s safe.  Take some, she says.  She thanks for help to banish him.”

“Are they okay?”

Yappy nodded, “Yes! They want to get out now.”

The elves sat to wait as Yappy began jabbering on about gold and power.


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