Hethurin’s Notes

  • I’m learning chronomancy from a dragon.  I know I probably shouldn’t even write that, but I have notes in my other book on my lessons, and I keep my personal notes locked up in the same place, so I guess it doesn’t matter so much.  I don’t think anyone can get to them to read them in the first place!

  • The weird part is that I’m still his teacher.  We’ve decided, that for the time being, it’s better if he appears to be my apprentice, instead of the other way around.  So he still comes to the morning lesson with Des.  I’m a bit worried about that as well.  I’ve seen the way she looks at him.  She’s not very subtle at all.  It’s not like I can tell her to stop flirting with the dragon.

  • Anyway, after the morning lesson, Des goes to practice in her practice room, and I meet with Renner to have my lesson.  He’s patient, but I can tell he sometimes is a bit frustrated with my limitations.  I’m sure to improve.  I’ve already seen some of the things my future self can do..  I practice when I can, which has been a little difficult with my father and sister visiting this week.

  • The visit is going well.  My father and I have been fishing together a lot.  I didn’t know he liked fishing so much!  We went to Booty Bay the first night, and since, we’ve gone to Northrend and just outside of Silvermoon.  We’ve also went to the spot on the shore below the house.  Without a portal, you would have to climb down rocks or go all the way around to get there, so it’s really quiet there.

  • We’ve had some time to talk anyway.  He’s worried about things at home.  He insists that nothing is my fault.  He keeps saying he should have done things differently, and that he’s sorry.  He really likes talking about what I want to do with the house, and the future of the school and everything.  He says he’s proud of me, and that he wants to see me succeed and realize my dreams.

  • We’ve talked a little about other things too.  Mother, the Ghostlands in general, the possibility of visiting him in Silvermoon, and my trips with my apprentices.  Things like that.

  • Lani and Des went to Silvermoon to a party.  I was surprised.  I didn’t think Lani would want to go to something like that, but I guess she’s looking for a husband or something.  She’s really freaked out about it because mother is looking for her.  I don’t blame her.  She said she’s asked father to look for someone to arrange something for her, but he won’t, so I guess that’s what convinced her to go.

  • I don’t think it went as planned.  They didn’t get back until the next day.  Father was worried sick about Lani all night.  I had retired early that night and didn’t know until morning, or I would have teleported to go look for them.  I did ask Renner to go with them though, so I’m sure a dragon could keep two elf women safe.  Mostly, I wanted to make sure Des didn’t do anything that her parents would kill me for.  She is in my care right now, and I know elves at that age hate admitting that they’re under anyone’s care.  I felt sending Renner would be the more subtle way of keeping an eye on her.  I thought it might be good for him too because even though he looks like an elf, he has trouble acting like one sometimes.  He doesn’t understand elf customs like marriage.  Anyway, he had a chance to observe other elves.

  • I guess Des got a guy’s address.  Lani had a key to the house in Silvermoon, so they stayed there that night.  Des missed her lesson in the morning, and Lani came back almost crying and wanting to speak with father right away.

  • So they went to talk, I went to my lesson with Renner, and I hope Des got some practice in.  Anyways, I find out after my lesson that they’ve been looking for me.  I still think we should stop time for my lesson so that my afternoon disappearance isn’t noticed so easily, but Renner says no.  I think he’s afraid that adding a couple of hours to each day would mess up my sleep.  Maybe there’s something else too that he isn’t telling me.  I suppose I’ll learn why eventually, or maybe it really is just my sleep.

  • Tik was the one who told me that my father was looking for me.  I went to meet with him in the sitting room.  He told me about Lani, and thought it was a good idea if I spent some time with her this week too.  I had to go to Silvermoon anyway to check on the robes I had ordered, so I asked her to go with me.

  • All the times that people have told me that I talk a lot, I wonder if they ever met Lani on one of her days like this.  She was all over the place.  I managed to figure out the main ideas.

  • First: She thinks all men are staring at her boobs.  I told her that’s impossible.  Not all men like boobs.  It is a bit silly of her to think that.  I didn’t call her silly, but I did try to convey that I think she’s wrong.  It’s not like she has much of a chest anyways.

  • Second: She’s really freaked out that mother is looking for someone to marry her.  I mean, really freaked out.  She’s panicking about it.  I can’t really say I blame her.

  • Third:  Father has been refusing to meet the men that mother picks out, so it kind of stops it right there.  She’s afraid of mother finding a way around getting his approval though.  I can understand that as well.  Mother would do something like that.

  • Fourth: Father isn’t looking for someone for her.  This is where I stop understanding.  What’s so wrong with finding someone yourself?  That’s what father wants her to do, but she keeps saying she can’t and that she doesn’t know how to pick.  Does father know any better?  His and mother’s marriage was arranged.  He’s never picked anyone before, well besides Xy, and that was mostly mother’s doing too.  Anyway, we know how that worked out.

  • But then, she says if father picked out a man for me, maybe we’d still be together.  Maybe.  If he wanted to live in the Ghostlands.  Maybe.  Besides, I can’t see father doing that.

  • But that’s not even the weird part.  After she explains all of that, she goes on and on about how father isn’t going to do anything and she might as well go to mother and marry whoever she picks.  I told her that’s not a good idea.  Then she goes into how since father isn’t going to, and I’m the only other male relative, then I should!  Me!  She wants me to pick her husband because father won’t and she doesn’t trust mother’s judgement.

  • I told her I want her to pick her own.  She started crying.  I finally agreed to look.  I don’t know how to look for a husband either, so I don’t know what she’s really expecting.

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  1. “Not all men like boobs” Pretty sure the ones who like girls all do, lol

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