Aeramin’s Preparations

Aeramin Firewind woke just before dawn.  He had wanted to sleep longer, but the excitement, and anxiety, got to him even while he was asleep.  Today wasn’t just any other day.  Today was the day he planned to go with the others into the old draenei temple.

Imralion was still asleep.  Aeramin kissed his cheek lightly as he moved a stray strand of hair back behind his ear very carefully as to not wake him up.  “I love you,” he whispered.  He got out of bed and slipped on a simple robe.  He could get dressed for real later.  The stalls in the market should be opening soon, and he had to get a few more supplies before heading out with Imralion later.  He quietly closed the door to his home.

He checked his mail before going, scowling at the single letter he had received.  His father didn’t write often, and when he did it was usually to ask for money.  He never asked directly, but he would mention needing help to pay for this or that.  He didn’t bother reading it, tossing it into the bottom of his empty pack instead.  Whatever it was, it could wait.  He had enough to deal with for now.  He hurried on to the Lower City.

His first stop was to a stall that specialized in making and selling glass bottles and jars.  He wanted to bring along water for the trip.  They were just setting things out for the day.  Aeramin started looking over the different bottles available.  He needed some that would fit into his pack and not be too heavy after they were filled.

Those, Master.  The ones at the end of the table.  They’ll do, no?

The imp, Yappy, wasn’t actually with Aeramin at the moment, but he could see and hear what Aeramin could see and hear.  He was used to hearing the imp now at anytime of the day.  He allowed it, as there was only one thing he didn’t want the imp commenting on.  Yappy had insisted that he could use the ability to help at other times.  Aeramin agreed that as long as the imp was quiet when Aeramin wanted him to be quiet, then he was free to try to be helpful at other times.  Of course, he reserved the right to tell Yappy to shut up at any time.

Aeramin walked around to the ones on the end of the table.  They were shorter bottles, each closed with a cork.  They would easily fit into his pack.  He could wrap each one in cloth to keep them from hitting against each other and breaking.  He bought eight.  Hopefully, they wouldn’t need so much water.  It wasn’t supposed to take long.  The longer they spent in the temple, the higher the chance that they would be discovered.  He frowned to himself.  He didn’t want to be in there that long, but it was a big place.  It was possible they would have to stay more than one day in there.  Though, he hoped they could quickly get answers from wherever the stone was leading them, and get out.

He continued walking through the market.  The food stalls usually set up fairly early at the other end.  He hoped he could find something suitable to carry in his pack as he started making his way to where most of the food stalls would be.

Master friend smells like Master.

Aeramin frowned slightly as he continued walking.

I told you to stop smelling him, but I don’t doubt he does.  We use the same soap.  Why were you trying to smell him anyway?

I see and I hear, but I don’t smell.

I told you not to watch.

Aeramin walked along the rough path.  He had no idea why the ground in the Lower City was so uneven.  He didn’t much like the idea that the imp could see everything.  He had successfully been able to block him, but it took a lot of effort.  There had to be an easier way.

Yappy not watching that!  Promise!

You better promise to behave when I leave him with you later.  He’s a blood knight.  He won’t hesitate to kill you.

Promise!  No trouble.

Aeramin nodded as he walked up a slope to another set of stalls.  The imp could sometimes cause trouble, but after last night he was certain the imp feared Imralion enough to be compliant.  He’d rather have a backup form of communication if the mirrors stopped working.  He was nervous about that.  He was nervous about a lot of things.  They didn’t know what to expect once they were inside the old draenei temple.  The only way to find out was to go in.

He stopped at a fruit stall that sold some fruits and vegetables from Nagrand.  He bought a bag of an apple-like fruit that apparently grew on some of the trees there.  He briefly considered buying more food, but he wouldn’t be able to cook anything there so the fruit would have to be enough.  He did buy two loaves of fresh bread, and some eggs from the other stalls before heading back to the Scryer’s Tier.  Imralion would appreciate breakfast, and the extra loaf of bread would be good for later in the day.


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