Hethurin’s Notes

  • Renner’s a dragon.  A bronze dragon sent to spy on me.  I have a dragon in my house.  I’m still getting over the shock, kind of.

  • Why are all of my apprentices really spies?

  • I’m hungover this morning, but not too badly.  I guess I’ve had a lot happen in the past day or so.  My future self said I was going to hear it from the dragon, but Renner didn’t say much at all.  He seemed the quiet and relaxed student I’ve always had, except he sat at the table with me and my future self like it was no big deal.  He seemed more irritated with my future self than me because he was finishing his wine instead of going back to the future where he belongs.

  • I agree that he’s irritating.  I hope I’m not really like that.  He said he wouldn’t lie to me, but that was after he neglected to tell me who the dragon was ahead of time.  Not to mention he said the dragon was going to have words with me about it, but Renner really didn’t seem that bothered by it.

  • Anyway, I made a horrible mistake by going to the past.  I wasn’t planning to talk to anyone, but I guess my plan didn’t work out very well.  I was spoken to and I should have just teleported then, but I wound up going along with it.  Now, Aeramin’s father is still alive because I was an idiot.

  • I don’t know how that affects Aeramin.  I guess things are fixed as much as they can be, but he’s had to deal with his father much longer.  I wonder if Maena ever came to Shattrath?  Maybe I can ask Kes about it.  I suppose she would know.  I assume I know the old past because I was the one who changed it, but everyone else probably doesn’t question why Aeramin’s father is still alive.

  • That would involve telling Kes what I did.  She already knows that I’ve been learning chronomancy, so it wouldn’t be an entire explanation.

  • I told Des a little bit.  I told her I made a mistake.  I had told her a little bit before too about learning chronomancy, and that there was a portrait of her in the hallway of the home in the future.  So she knows that much.

  • I don’t think I should tell anyone about Renner.  My future self said I would be learning, and that I’ve been going about things recklessly.  I think Renner is staying to teach me.  I don’t think anyone should know what he is though.  Maybe he can pretend for Des and Tik that he’s still an apprentice.

  • I did warn her to stop being distracted by him.  I didn’t say he’s a dragon, but I tried to make sure she understood that she needs to focus on her studies.  She thought I meant that she’s a bad student.  She’s not!  I just don’t think a dragon is going to be interested in a girl from Silvermoon.  I want to keep her from getting hurt.

  • Maybe the confessor would know what to do, but then I can’t tell him about Renner either.  I guess I could just leave that part out, but it’s kind of a big part!

  • There’s other parts too.  Should I say something to Aeramin?  I mean, do I apologize?  Maybe my father could help with his father’s leg, but I guess it’s too late to send him to fight in the Scourge attack on the city.  I don’t know what to do.

  • My future self was no help either.  I asked questions and most of them he said he couldn’t answer.  He did tell me that I need to get the name of the school in the records in the town immediately, but he didn’t say why, or what to name it.  I named it Fairsong Academy and went to fill out the papers early this morning.  My future self calls himself Sanimir again.  He wouldn’t say why.  Maybe if it’s called Fairsong Academy, I won’t decide to change my name back.



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