Sanimir’s Notes

  • Lani and my father visited this weekend.  It was good to see both of them.  I never knew he knew how to fish!  Lani didn’t like it though.

  • He said he’s proud of me, I guess because I have a house and I take care of everything on my own now.  He’s seen the some of the changes I’ve made.  I showed him the garden too.  We talked a bit alone there.

  • I wound up crying.  I didn’t mean to.  I mean, I’m supposed to be grown up, but a lot has happened and even though I feel okay most of the time, I guess it’s still upsetting to talk about.

  • That was when he hugged me and told me he was proud of me and all I’ve done.  He said I’m doing well handling things, and that he knows it can’t be easy.

  • We were talking about things that happened with mother and my sisters, and being sent to the farm, and how I left Shattrath because I was just having a hard time dealing with everything, and well, everything.  I told him that I wouldn’t go back and change anything because I’m happy where I am, and changing anything that happened in the past to make things easier on me, wouldn’t lead me to where I am now.  I’d still be in Silvermoon, or worse, Dalaran.

  • I wish I could see different time-ways of the present.  I don’t think anyone can do that, because if it didn’t happen, then it’s not the present.  Maybe dragons can, but that doesn’t help.

  • Father told me that things weren’t going very well at home, which verifies what Lani said last week.  She’s really upset.  I guess father was too.  He said mother’s not taking my independence very well.  He added that she’ll come around, but I’m not sure she will.  I guess we’ll find out eventually, but in the meantime, things are awful for him.

  • He said it wasn’t my fault, but if they’re arguing about me, isn’t it?  Not that I mean to go back to Silvermoon just to make my mother happy, but if I did, I’m sure things would be much better.  Maybe it would just be buried until something else happened.  It’s hard to say.  I just know that what my mother wants for me and what I need to be happy are two different things.  I hope father’s right and she accepts the fact that I live on my own and plan to do my own things.  Soon.

  • Lani mentioned that father has been declining to meet any of the men that mother has picked out for her.  He said they weren’t suitable without even meeting them.  She thinks they’re arguing about that too, so I guess it’s not just me.  Still, she’s scared and I don’t think she’s sure she wants to get married to someone she doesn’t know, but she doesn’t know anyone and keeps saying that our parents have more experience dealing with people than we do.  She kind of didn’t make sense because she kept contradicting herself.  I told her to just say no, but she says she can’t because she lives there and her work is there.

  • As if she gets along very well with mother now?  The last I knew, father’s doing his best to keep mother away from her.  I don’t think father would force her into an arranged marriage.  They only do that with me, and even then, father eventually helped me get out of it.  I think Xyliah’s happier too.

  • Desdeyliri and Renner have been using separate practice rooms.  They’re both progressing nicely, though I think Renner is a little ahead of Des.  That’s okay, Des will probably pull ahead of him with some things too.  We all have our strengths and weaknesses.  They’re lucky they can study together and ask each other questions.

  • As for my own studies, I’ve had to do a little detective work.  I’ve been talking to Tik about how the house was in the past.  I ask as though I’m simply curious, but really, I need to find a safe area to work on my spells.  If I cast one to take me forty years into the past and the former owners are having a party or something, things could get messy fast!

  • Anyway, I’ve found out that, despite enjoying the view of the sea, they never went to the beach.  Tik said it was rare that the service people did either, although, when he was young, he used to play there with some other kids occasionally during the day.

  • That was a long time ago.  I should be fine going back forty years on the beach, especially if I plan my arrival at night.  I’m just not sure how to tell if I get to the right time or not.  I’ll have to keep asking Tik about things that were added outdoors or renovated, and see if he remembers how long ago.

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