Orledin’s Arrival

An outcast.  Unwanted by society.  That’s what I am.  I read it in that’s priest’s expression the moment he saw me.  That, along with fear.  They all react that way.  I can hardly blame them.  I almost turned and walked away from it.  Tranquillien seemed to be another town that I would be run out of as soon as I stepped foot in it, despite what I had heard.

I didn’t turn and walk away.  I stayed.  I made little movement, not wanting to appear hostile, and tried to explain the situation.  I’m looking for a place to stay.  I had heard that there were undead humans in the town.  They’re allowed to stay, but an undead sin’dorei is run out?  I know why.  They were fodder, disposable corpses, able to follow orders, but not trained to give them.  I, on the other hand, led them to battle.  Many have died to my rune blade, and I delighted in their agony.  The town is wise not to want me here.

But things are different now.  I am free of the Scourge.  I control my own body and mind.  I tried to return before, taking care to write letters before going anywhere.  I thought perhaps there would be a place I could meet old friends and family outside of the city.  My family, what was left, rejected me.  My old friends told me to stay away.  My lover wrote and said that I was disgusting and foul.  I decided against attempting a visit with any of them.

I stayed in Northrend for a few years.  I was more welcome there than anywhere else.  Many others stayed as well, while others made futile attempts to go home, or tried to prove themselves to the living by helping in their campaigns after the Lich King fell.  I remained in Northrend

Until something happened in Dalaran.  I may be undead, but I am also sin’dorei.  When I heard the humans had imprisoned our mages in the city, I began to wonder how long it would be before I took hate not only for being what I am, but for being what I was.  I reconsidered my decision to stay.  Knowing that I could never return to Silvermoon, I began to look for somewhere that accepted the undead, but wasn’t overrun.  Sure, I could stay in Acherus, or Undercity, but that would be giving in to undeath.  I seek a sense of normalcy, something I suppose is rare for someone with my condition.

I made my way to the Ghostlands.  This is the closest to home as I’ll ever be.  I heard there were undead humans, along with sin’dorei, in the town.  The undead here assist in keeping the Scourge at bay.  I decided then to offer my services as personal protection for anyone traveling in the woods.  I hoped that I too, could be somewhat accepted there.

My hopes fell after meeting the priest.  He did loan me a robe in the end to make me look less threatening.  He helped me find the town as well, but as soon as we were in sight of the dim lights, he insisted on going into the town separately.  I was lucky to have convinced him to take me that far, I think.  It took a while of explaining myself before he seemed to change his mind.

I walked to the inn in my borrowed robe; I doubt he’ll want it back.  Even then, I could feel their eyes on me.  They knew what I was.  My hopes sank further as I neared the inn.  I saw the door shut as I drew closer.  I heard the lock click into place as I approached to knock.  I knocked anyway, thinking no one would answer.  I was surprised when the peephole in the door slid open.

I explained that I would like to take lodging there.  I have no need to sleep.  Sometimes I rest and pretend I’m sleeping.  I’ve forgotten what it’s like, but it was more because I needed a place to put the few things I have than anything else.  The man peeking out at me told me they close the doors at night, every night, at nightfall.  I was too late.

Likely story.

I might have given him the benefit of the doubt, if he hadn’t sharply added that I should leave.  I quickly asked, before he could close the peephole and end the conversation, if there was another place to stay in town.  He said all of my ‘types’ stayed in the tower just down the street a ways.

And here I am.  They welcomed me and found an empty room about half way up for me to keep my things.  Maybe the townsfolk just need time to get used to me.


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