Vallindra’s Notes

  • The Magister and I are married.  I was beginning to think I’d never meet anyone I could stand long enough to want to live with them for the rest of my life, but here I am.  I’m still a bit giddy, especially when I write my new name.  I try not to let it show too much.  The Magister may have noticed.

  • I finally met his parents.  My father had expressed interest in meeting them as well, but as far as I saw, he didn’t talk to them.

  • Probably because Sanimir actually showed up and he was busy arguing with mother most of the night.

  • I invited him only because mother.  I knew she’d ask why I didn’t invite him.  He wasn’t supposed to show up, and I was supposed to be able to say I invited him.  It was supposed to be his fault for not being there.  Instead, he was there.

  • Besides irritating mother, and forcing father to keep her from going over and causing a commotion, he seemed to not cause much of a disturbance.  I’ll give him that.  I would have been much more disruptive if I were him.  He knows how much he could have ruined things.

  • I suppose I have to thank him for his gift, since he didn’t mess things up too badly, and honestly it’s my fault for inviting him in the first place.  He gave us an expensive set of silverware.

  • The Magister and I were able to sneak out when his parents needed to go home.  We helped them, then we were finally alone.

  • I definitely won’t be forgetting that night anytime soon.

  • Despite greatly enjoying our time together to celebrate our marriage, I’m eager to get back to work.  It’s difficult to explain.  I feel as though if I’m not working, then I’m not accomplishing much.  I think part of it is that I actually enjoy my work as well, especially with the new things I’ve been learning from the Magister.

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