Sanimir’s Notes

  • I’ve been working more on my spell.  I’ve been worried about it a bit because it’s working.  Most people would be happy if they tried to make a new spell work and it did.

  • Well, it’s not exactly new.  I found the basic spell in one of my books that I’ve recently acquired on the subject.  Most spells that I’ve found are about going into the past, and even those are rare.  I feel that going to the future is safer.  A little.

  • It could be more dangerous than fel magic.  While chronomancy itself isn’t explicitly banned, larger manipulations of time are very frowned upon.  They could possibly draw the attention of the bronze dragonflight, too.  I don’t think I want to have mad dragons coming after me.

  • I remember Master Daymark said that small manipulations of present time are okay.  It’s the past and the future and changing timelines that draw ire from dragons.  I never looked into it further while I was studying in Dalaran because of that.

  • Okay, more than that.  Daymark was a jerk and he reported everything I did to my parents.  Almost everything.  If he thought it would make them remove me from my studies with him, he always hesitated.  However, I know if I was caught reading a book on chronomancy after what he said, then I’d be washing dishes for a week.

  • That said, I’m proceeding cautiously.  Everything I’ve read indicates that the bronze dragons only seem to get upset if the timelines are changed.  I don’t intend to do that.  This would be a wonderful way to continue studying in the library in Dalaran, if I learned how to go back into the past too, or just make sure I’m still here in the future.  Well, the possible future, I guess.

  • Another thing I’ve read is that the future isn’t set in stone, but it’s rather a possibility.  That’s why my spell, when I return, brings me back to the exact point when I left.  If I returned to the exact same spot with the exact same pose, only the very observant would notice anything had happened at all.

  • I wound up telling Kestrae.  I wasn’t going to tell anyone at all.  Even now, taking personal notes about it seems strange.  I have my work notes, of course, but I keep those just as safe as my personal notes.  Anyway, I wanted her advice because she knows a lot about dragons, and I don’t think she would try to tell anyone on me.  I think as long as I’m not altering the timeline, no one’s going to care anyway.

  • So far, I’ve only worked with the spell that jumps forward in time.  I started with very short jumps forward.  The first one was just a minute.  I went back immediately after casting to take my notes on it.  I’m really glad I bought a nice clock for my practice room.

  • Now I’m going a bit longer.  My longest so far has been a little under an hour.  It’s really just a matter of making small alterations to the spell to force it to skip more time.  For those, I leave my notes out on the table and just take notes while I’m there.  Then I go back and leave the room.  I go back after I know I’m gone and get my notes.  This way, I don’t forget anything, but I’m also not creating two instances of the notes being in the same timeline.

  • Although, I am curious to know if I already took them, could I copy them?  That would be weird.  I think that’s one of the things that I should keep from doing.  I’ll continue working cautiously, and take my notes as I am.

  • Berwick and Xyliah are getting married soon.  I’m a bit worried about it being here.  One of my sisters will be coming as she is married to Xyliah’s brother.  While I hope to finally meet my nephew, I’m dreading seeing her.  What if she only comes to spy on me for Verisna.

  • I’m not calling her my mother anymore.  Not when I can help it anyway.  Her name is Verisna.

  • Anyway, I spoke to Desdeyliri about it.  I’ve been speaking to her a lot.  She’s more than just an apprentice to me.  She’s a good friend too.  I think I can trust her.  I haven’t found evidence at all that she’s writing to my mother Verisna still.  I did not tell her about the spells I’ve been working on, but I spoke with her a bit about my apprehension over having my sister here.  She thinks I should relax and enjoy the party.

  • I think she’s right.  I’ve been thinking about it, and I would be able to relax and enjoy the party if I had someone to guard myself, and who better to do that than me?

  • It’s a bit risky, of course.  I mean, what if something does happen?  Would I have to interfere with future events, or if I made different choices leading up to the wedding, would that change what would happen?  Would that be okay?  That’s the problem with knowing too much about the future.  You risk changing it.

  • I guess if Vallindra is lurking somewhere to silence me, I’ll have to risk it.  I could just turn her into a sheep or something.  Then I can remember to look for the sheep so I can silence her and have Tik remove the stray sheep from the property.  That’s what I’d do anyway if I found her at my home, so that’s not changing anything.

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