OOC – Screenshots

So, before supper tonight, I thought I would run a quick LFR on my druid in an attempt to get him some better gear.  I queued up, waited a few minutes and got placed in a group.  I hit accept and it teleported me to the raid instance.  I buff and start healing the first pull.  Then I noticed…

Jaeyn?  But I'm on my druid, not my hunter.  What's going on here?

Jaeyn? But I’m on my druid, not my hunter. What’s going on here?

Turns out, it’s another Jaeyn.  I looked up the name then on the armory.  There are only three level 90 Jaeyn’s.  Two of us are hunters.  So I figure the chances of this happening have got to be pretty low.  I said hi in private and we both had a little laugh over it.  At the end, I got a nice screenshot to show everyone I met the other hunter named Jaeyn!

Hi Jaeyn!

Hi Jaeyn!



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  1. Hah that’s wild! I like her guild name too!

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