The Market

Teniron Whitemorn sat on the bench near the market in the small village in Eversong Woods.  He was glad Kit had agreed that it would be good for him to get out, to help him recover.  What surprised him was that he was letting her have so much say in his life.  He had never been one to like being told what to do, but here he was sitting quietly on the bench instead of running off to do his own thing.  He didn’t think he would get very far, even if he tried, but that was beside the point.  The point was he knew what was happening, and was doing nothing to stop it.

He was falling for her.

Somewhere, deep in his mind, he could still hear that lingering doubt.  There’s no such thing as love.  She’s only here for… for what?  Something.  He was running out of reasons.  It couldn’t be the jewelry, which had been his main reasoning before what had happened in Dalaran.  He had been captured.  He didn’t think most people would even entertain the thought of going into an enemy city just to rescue some lowly jeweler, so that he might be able to, someday, make jewelry again.  He didn’t believe that Kestrae had asked her to help get him to safety either.  His reasons were truly running out, and that could only mean one thing.

She was falling for him too.

He looked up towards the market.  He couldn’t see her now, but she was somewhere there in the crowd.  He wanted to tell her how he felt, but each time he tried, the doubt came back.  Maralle hadn’t seemed so bad at first either.  What if it was like that?  Would she change her mind in the future and decide to hate him?

He supposed there would be time to think about it.  They had spoken the other night about checking on the costs of going to Pandaria.  He didn’t want to stay in Eversong or Silvermoon.  His brother and his wife had gone to Shattrath.  He had tried writing, but he knew he wasn’t welcome there.  Kit had bought some noodles to try that were from the lands discovered to the south.  The food was good.  It might not be a bad place to get back into shape.

He smiled a bit to himself as he leaned back on the bench.  Maybe he could find the courage to say what he wanted once they were there, too.


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