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YES!  I guess I'm waiting until 5.3 to level the rest of the 85's!

YES! I guess I’m waiting until 5.3 to level the rest of the 85’s!



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  1. ok …was it super hard to get to 90 from 85 or something? cause now it just seems like they are making WoW into easy mode with no challenge at all.

    • For me, it seemed extremely repetitive. The very start of Jade Forest focuses on the conflict between the Alliance and the Horde, but quickly goes into helping pandas. Then you to go to the Valley of Four Winds, where you help pandas. Then you go to Kun-lai and help pandas. Then you get to go to Townlong Steppes to… guess what, help pandas yet again! Thankfully the last zone, Dread Wastes, you get to help the mantid. I’m always quite relieved to get there! Seriously though, for me personally, MoP has the worst leveling experience. If it’s getting shortened, then that’s only a good thing.

  2. It’s not hard, it’s just really tedious, largely because there’s not many zones to level in. Especially if you have a billion alts 😉

  3. Hehe, my bizillion alts are limping through there yet again – I’m happy to see that some of the experience needed to level is going a bit in our favor. If I get them all leveled to 90, I should have eight for now. Even group questing can get a bit tedious in Pandaria.

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