Aranae’s Inner Reflections

Master Cheng scolded me for only writing once in this thing so here I am writing again.  I’ve been really busy with practicing and learning.  I haven’t had time to write.  Master Cheng says it only seems that way.  Okay, sure.  Whatever.

Anyway, my days are pretty much the same thing everyday.  I wake up, eat, go for my morning run, come back for lessons and practice, etc.  What am I supposed to write?  ‘I had the most delicious egg this morning.  The yolk was perfectly round and delightfully yellow.  I didn’t find any fur shed in it.’  See, I can’t write that because I did find fur in it, and the yolk had been broken and there was hardly any left.

Then I hear there’s some market where everyone has woks and stuff set up somewhere south of here.  If getting fur in your food isn’t bad enough, you can get the fur of ten different pandaren in your food there, at least ten.  Oh, and to make matters worse, I was told it was in the middle of a bunch of farm land, so they probably have fertilizer on their paws or something.  I just pray that none of the food they serve here is from there.  I think I’d vomit if it was.

So after Master Cheng was done scolding me, he started asking me all these weird questions about my ‘friend’.  He meant the guy who washes his clothes and hates talking to me, Toruviel.  I told him there wasn’t anything like that going on between us, but he wants to talk to him anyway.  He kept asking me where he’s staying and when he plans to come next.  Like I would know!!!  Really, anytime I ask him anything, he looks at me like I’m out to get him or something.

Anyway, he said it was a matter of great importance that I come fetch him the next time Toruviel shows up.  I reluctantly agreed.  I don’t think introducing him to Master Cheng is going to help him talk to me.

I hope something here is an inner reflection of some kind because I don’t have time to write anymore.  I need to get to the hot spring to warm my feet up.  Master Cheng could save me a lot of time by letting me wear shoes.



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