Vallindra’s Notes

  • The Magister and I went to Silvermoon and stayed at a nice inn.  There was even a fireplace!  It was so nice to spend a few days with just him.
  • Well, I did stop by to see my family briefly.  That was right after I went to the dress shop.  They had so many dresses, but I absolutely fell in love with one.  We’re going to get it.  I was telling Esladra all about it.  She actually asked mother to find her a guy like the Magister!
  • I’ve went to the library here too.  I can’t say they have much on netherdrakes or dragon illness, but I was able to find some common digestive remedies.  I know Esladra was simplifying it when she said it was like people who can’t digest milk.  Milk eventually passes even if it isn’t digested.  The crystals are not passing.  They get stuck in the stomach and cause all sorts of other trouble.
  • Lemons are supposed to stimulate the production of saliva which aids in digestion.  I think we should try it just to see the dragon pucker.
  • Some cooking oils can help things pass through.  We’d need quite a bit of it for the dragon’s weight for it to be effective, and it may also give the dragon diarrhea.  I suppose that’s something the pig archer can take care of if it happens.  It’s worth a try, and it shouldn’t hurt the dragon other than making him uncomfortable for a while.
  • In Esladra’s report on the dead flayers, she mentioned the possibility of an infection that may have been starting, but was halted by the deaths of the flayers.  I read that spicy, hot food is supposed to be good against infection.  I do wonder if that may be dangerous.  Would it stimulate and dragon fire-breathing tendencies?  Maybe it would be worth trying from a safe distance.
  • We’ll probably go back soon.  I can run my ideas by the others and see if they’ve come up with anything.

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