(( To and from various different characters. ))

Dear Father,

Berwick and I will be arriving later today, possibly before this letter arrives.  I thought if there was a chance to give you some advance notice that we were coming, that it would be worth trying!

The rescue went well.  Berwick is very thin, but doesn’t seem sick from the ordeal.  He does seem a little odd, and preferred to cuddle with Ember rather than me.  I’m hoping he was just self-conscious about his smell, and that’ll be nothing a quick bath won’t fix.  I’ll wash him up in the river, along with his clothes, before bringing him home.  All the same, it might be worth watching to make sure he still wants to be around people.

Please have lots of food ready for when we get there, along with some warm blankets.  I’ll go shop for some new clothes for him while he naps, if you’ll loan me a little bit to find some things for him.  I’ll gladly help in the shop if you need me to.



Dear Isandri and Theronil,

I wanted to write and let you both know that I’m okay.  Kit said you’re staying in Shattrath now.  I don’t know where to go.  I think we’re going to Eversong for a bit.

I hope all is well with both of you.



(( Left on a dining table next to a single flower on top of a pile of paintings in a home in Shattrath ))

Dearest Imralion,

I’ve gone to take care of the dragon and practice.  I wanted to let you know that I’m thinking of you.  I love holding you in my arms.  I love the softness of your lips, in contrast with the stubble along your jaw.  I love the way your ears stand straight up when you like something, and the way your toes curl at the same time.

I can’t wait to see you when I get home tonight.


PS – I bought some of the salad you like.  I left it in the kitchen so you can have it for lunch.


Dear Isandri,

Do you know when you’ll be able to visit again?  Kestrae and Ordinicus are here, but I think they’ll want to go back soon.  I’ve been helping them with the sick dragon.  I’m hoping to find a cure soon.  The dragon has been sick for a long time so I think it might be the crystals that they’re talking about.

I’ll have to come back to Shattrath in a couple of weeks.  Our books will be due back then, plus I think it would be good to see everyone again.  It probably won’t be for as long as last time.

How is everything with Thero?  I hope good!

– Hethurin Fairsong



Hi.  I wanted to speak with you again before I left, but you were gone all of the time.  I guess I probably kind of know where.  I mean you weren’t home so you were with him, right?  Anyway, it’s not about that.

My apprentice is learning fire magic right now, and I was hoping you could help her, like you helped me when we were apprentices.  I remember being really bad with fire magic then.  You don’t have to though.  I just want her to have every advantage possible.  If you don’t want to see me, that’s okay too.  I can just send her.

– Hethurin


Dear Nessna,

Hi!  Guess what?  I found a dress here in Silvermoon.  It’s absolutely beautiful.  Remember that drab thing you had to wear?  Who picked that out anyway?  It’s way better than that.  I told Esladra about it and she couldn’t stop asking questions.  You should have heard her go on and on about hoping she found someone right like that someday, or that mother would pick someone good for her.  She seemed to go back and forth on that quite a bit!

Will you be coming to the wedding?  We still haven’t picked a date, but we should soon because I’d like to have it this spring or summer.  You won’t be huge then.

How is everything with the pregnancy?  I bet you feel like an elekk or one of those giant worms I’ve heard about in the plaguelands.  I think they eat almost constantly too!

Sorry we couldn’t come out to see you, but we really didn’t have time to go so far into the woods.  How can you stand it out there anyway?  Aren’t you afraid that a troll might eat your baby?



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  1. Catty Vallindra is like my favorite thing, lol

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