Lanthiriel’s Diary

Dear Diary,

So far, so good.  No one has found this book yet.  I’ve hidden it among some of my old study books on a shelf in my office.  You know what they say about hiding in plain sight.

It’s been a rough couple of weeks.  I’ve been avoiding mother for the most part.  Although, she has made every effort to corner me for information.  It’s really starting to be disruptive.  I’m very careful about where I go in the house, especially if father isn’t there.

I’m not sure why she has to bug me since she has her own little mole giving her information on him.  I hate to think she’s using her information to plot some way of making him come back, but I’m beginning to believe that may be the case.  However, then she gloats about what she knows to father, in front of Esladra and me.  I don’t think she says everything she knows, and I’m not sure if her source is very accurate.  She’s convinced he likes girls now.

Anyway, I’ve been spending a lot of time in the front part of the house, hiding in my office.  Not even there is entirely safe, especially when father is gone.  She doesn’t pause to consider that if my office door is closed then I might not want to be bothered.  This is unusual as she rarely came into the office before and preferred to stay in the back part of the house where we live.  When father is here, she rarely comes into the office, but the second he’s gone and I’m still here, she’s here.

They’ve been arguing about it too.  Never right in front of Esladra or myself, but we can still hear them.  I think mother is determined to bring Sanimir back home.  Father seems to be against it, at least from what I’ve been able to hear.

I’m considering telling Sanimir, or Hethurin as he wishes to be called, about mother’s source of information, but I worry about what he might do.  But if he finds out anyway, and finds out that I knew all along… well, that would be the end of seeing him and trying to help him.  He’d be on his own.  I don’t know what to do.

Speaking of Sanimir, guess who showed up in the office today?  He spoke with our receptionist, who has been with us for years.  I questioned at first why she didn’t recognize him.  I think both father’s and my own jaw dropped when she came to tell us that Hethurin Fairsong was here to see me.  She said he didn’t have an appointment, but she said that he insisted that I would see him.  Father and I had been discussing the surgery we had the day before with the patient we just released.  I looked at him and he told me to go see what he wanted.

I went out to the waiting room and he didn’t look at all like himself.  He was blond!  I wasn’t even really sure that it was him, but I led him to my office.  As soon as I closed the door, the air around him shimmered and suddenly he looked like himself again.  I told him it was a clever disguise.  He said it was a simple illusion.

He said he was trying to help his friends with a dragon who had fallen ill in Shadowmoon Valley.  Esladra had spoken some about that.  Vallindra is helping too.  I find it odd that they’re working on the same project.  He mentioned basilisks, and that he’s reading up on them while trying to find a cure for the crystals.  He said that Esladra’s report said that they weren’t as easily digestible if they were the kind from Netherstorm.  They think that, somehow, the dragon ate a flayer who may have eaten the wrong kind of crystals.

He was looking for a way to make the crystals more digestible.  He said he was going to get samples of the flayer’s stomach fluids.  I remember Esladra saying something about them being very dangerous, and that she had to take a great degree of caution while doing the autopsies for her report.  I reminded him of this, and he said he’d be fine.  He’s going to try charcoal which may help, but thought there may be herbs which could help as well.  He had a whole list that he wanted me to go through.  I did.  I told him the ones that would more likely help and which ones probably wouldn’t make a difference.

After I went through the whole list he thanked me and said he had to go buy the ones I thought might help.  He said some spell and suddenly he was blond again.  He left like that.  The whole visit was rather odd.

I did tell father about it.  It’s not something I’m counting as a regular visit and father was intensely curious as to why he was there.

I hope I was some help.  I guess I’ll find out on Sunday.



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