Aeramin’s Notes

  • I’m here in the Plaguelands with Uldred.  We took a portal to Light’s Hope Chapel.  Our first day was uneventful.  We just planned for the rest of the trip and bought some last minute supplies there.  We stayed there for the night.
  • There are a lot of paladins there.  I mean a lot!  I kept thinking of Imralion.  I don’t even know where he is.  I can’t wait to go home and check my mail.  He’s certainly written by now.  He may even be back.  I had dreams about him that night.  I couldn’t summon Sarwyn because all I had was a tent, and I don’t think the people there at the chapel would have liked that very much.
  • I had nightmares too.  Just to the east of the chapel are some steep hills.  If you look up over them, you can see Acherus.  I was very uneasy sleeping underneath a necropolis, even if we were on holy ground.  Maybe that made me a little uneasy as well.  I was glad when we set out the next morning.
  • Before leaving Light’s Hope, I was able to find a mage, a human, who said he was staying there for at least a few more months.  I asked if he could make a portal to Shattrath for me and my human friend in a few days.  He said he could and that he would for a price.  He doesn’t charge too much though, so I agreed we would see him in a few days.  Which is good, as I’m not confident enough with my portals to cross from one world to the next.  I really don’t know if I’ll ever be.
  • We went by dragonhawk, to the location of the closed school early that afternoon.  We brought a few bags to carry books, as well as our supplies.
  • One of the buildings outside of the school wasn’t in too bad of shape.  The roof was still mostly intact and the walls hadn’t crumbled like some of the other buildings.  There were bones in the fireplace, which was a little weird, but we decided it would be the best place to stay at night.  I was eager to get in the old school, but if we were going to take our time and search the entire place for the right books, then it was going to take more than one afternoon.
  • The building was huge.  Uldred said that some of it was underground as well.  I had figured it would take a day or two, but it wound up taking much longer.
  • Most of the first day was spent setting up the camp.  It was chilly, so I gathered some wood for the fire.  Uldred thought it would freeze at night, so I gathered as much as I could.  We found a broken crate and used one side of it to set up a door that we could bar from the inside at night.  We cleaned the bones out of the fireplace so that we could cook there, and set up our bedrolls on opposite sides of the one room house.  We were able to set up the rest of the broken crate in one corner so we could have some privacy for changing.  Not that I would have minded if he looked, but I didn’t want to make him uncomfortable.
  • The next day we finally got to go in the old school.  The main door was locked, but Uldred knew another way in.  I followed him to a side entrance.  It looked like it had been boarded up and locked at some point, but the only thing now was a bit of debris tossed over it.  I wouldn’t have known it was there if it hadn’t been for him.
  • It was dark inside, I cast a spell to light the way.  We didn’t get too far before we heard some strange clattering and clicking noises.  There really are animated skeletons inside the old building.  Uldred wanted to go around them, but I could see bookshelves on the other side of the doorway that they seemed intent on standing in.  I cast a few spells, careful to focus them only on the skeletons.  A few seconds later, we were stepping over the charred bones and into one of the libraries.
  • Uldred said there were a few, but the one we were in was one of the largest.  We decided to start our search for books there.
  • I found one on the first day.  One of the ones I was looking for.  One of the ones that was referenced in another book.  I haven’t had time to read much in it, but from quickly flipping through it, I do believe it’s relevant.
  • I found a couple of other interesting books too.  Uldred found many more that he was interested in.  I remember thinking we should have brought bigger bags.
  • We returned the next day and searched the same room again.  There weren’t any skeletons this time, but I kept getting the feeling that someone was watching me.  I’d turn around and look, but Uldred was the only other person there, and he was quite busy looking at books, not me.  It was eerie.
  • There were other times you could feel a chill breeze, except there couldn’t be a breeze.  We were inside.  It wasn’t a draft or anything either, a breeze like that would disturb the dust, which was thick and heavy.  I sneezed from it more than I’d like to admit.
  • I found a couple more interesting books the second day, but none of the others that were referenced in that other book I read.  I didn’t find any the third day either.
  • We decided to go further in on the fourth day, mostly because I wanted to see some of the other libraries.  We passed through one room where there were pits of bones.  Some of them moved as we walked by, but nothing got up to follow us.  At least, nothing that I could see.
  • We came upon a large room with shelves along the walls.  If there had been books there, most of them were gone now.  Uldred said we were near the main entrance.  We kept going and went into one of the side corridors with stairs leading down.  At the bottom was another room, full of shelves with books.  Uldred and I started searching for books that interested us, when I heard something.  It was like a faint echoing shout for help.  I looked at Uldred and it was clear he had heard it too.  By the sound of it, whoever had needed help, didn’t get it.  We both agreed it was a ghost.  It sounded as if it were further away, and as long as it wasn’t bothering us, we could continue looking for books.
  • I found the second one there, again, with a couple of other books that I felt I could benefit from reading.
  • We stayed much longer than I had planned.  The few days turned into a little over a week.  Uldred had his bags stuffed full of books.  I’m bringing back a bag full of them too.  I was worried about weighing down the dragonhawk too much.  I felt confident enough about making a portal to Light’s Hope Chapel to meet with the mage to make a portal back to Shattrath.  I nailed my portal, but the mage is away for the day.  They told us he should be back this evening.
  • I can’t wait to get home.

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