Vallindra’s Notes and a Letter

  • They’re all dead.  All four of the flayers that ate the crystals from Netherstorm.  Three of them died yesterday.  The fourth hung on through the night.
  • I made sure that irritating, roof-mending, pig archer retrieved the bodies.  I am keeping one of them frozen for study.  The others have been incinerated to make sure no animals, dragons, mice, pigs or whatever, try to eat them.
  • I need someone good with knowing anatomy and how insides are supposed to look.  A certain priest comes to mind, but I doubt he nor Lani would want to travel here just to open up a dead flayer and see what killed it.  Esladra might, and she could even write up a report or something for her lessons, but I’m sure she would need permission.  I could ask father, but mother would be more easily convinced, and once she’s convinced, then she’ll convince father for me.  I’ll write the letter to both of them, but address it to mother specifically.


Dear Mother and Father,

I hope all is well at home.  Magister Embersun and I are both doing well.  We have been spending much time lately in Shadowmoon Valley trying to assist some of the people here with a sick netherdrake.

I have been following up on leads on my theory that it may have been exposed to harmful magic.  I went to observe the ones in Netherstorm and realized then that the dragons there had no local food source.  They tend to feast on flayers, which in turn, feast on the crystals found in the areas where the dragons congregate.  I thought it would be worthwhile then to investigate the crystals.

I found no physical differences other than a slightly different tone.  The crystals “sing” when they are struck.  I fed some to the flayers in Shadowmoon and observed them for a few days.  The four who ate the crystals all became very sick, and they all died.  I need someone to help discern exactly what happened that killed them.

I was hoping Esladra may be able to visit and perform an autopsy on one of the dead flayers.  She would, in turn, be able to submit that report for her studies.  It’s always good to know the insides of different life forms and as primitive as they are, flayers are considered to be humanoids.  I’m certain she will impress her teachers and fellow students with a report on a flayer autopsy.

I’ll be able to provide transport for her.  Just let me know when to pick her up.

– Vallindra



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