Sanimir’s Letters and Notes


Thank you for inviting me to Shadowmoon.  I really liked seeing the dragons.  When would be a good time to come to see the breeding grounds?  I know not when they’re, um, you know, but what I want to know is when you’re free to show me.  When would be a good time for that?  Would it be okay if I brought my apprentice?

I didn’t know wood could be soft.  Are there other places to get harder wood in Outland?

Magic can make animals and people sick.  Sometimes it’s not reversible, but it usually is if it’s caught in time.  I think it would depend a lot on the source of the magic.

My father wants me to come back to Silvermoon too.  It’s not going to happen, so yes, I do understand that.

– Hethurin


Dear Isandri,

I’m sorry to hear about all the things with Thero.  I enjoyed your visit.  If you want to come again, just write and I can pick you up.  I’m always here if you need to talk.

Did you want me to make your portals to Silvermoon again?  I could do it for free.

I hope Thero comes back soon.

– Hethurin



Were you serious about coming to visit me?  I can come get you if you want.  I hope you’re not mad at me.

My new book came today along with the lock box.  I can keep my notes safe now.  I’m not sure where the best place for the key is.

Aeramin sent the ring to me.  I don’t know what to do.

– Hethurin


  • I’ve been keeping work notes in my practice room.  I don’t care if anyone reads them.  Tik wouldn’t understand them, and Desdeyliri might, but it could only help her studies.
  • The lockbox from Silvermoon came today, along with a new empty book.  I can start my personal notes again now that I have a box to lock them in.  I found my old ones in my father’s desk in his office.  I went at night and no one knew I was there.  I only took back the things that they stole from the apartment in Dalaran.  They probably know it was me, since I only took my things, but it’s too late for them to catch me there.  I’m not going back again.
  • I have a butler and an apprentice and a large home.  It has ghosts, but they don’t bother me.  The master bedroom faces the sea and sometimes I go down to the beach to fish.  Tik goes with me to make sure I’m safe.
  • I had a rat to help me know if my spell was working or not.  Muffins killed it.  I need a safer cage for the next one.  I told Muffins he’s a bad kitty for eating the control subject.
  • I’ve been having rather predictable days.  I wake up, eat breakfast with my apprentice, then I give her lesson for the day.  After that, we have lunch, then she goes to study and practice, and I go to my practice room to work on the spell.  Sometimes I read more.
  • I worry that I might be disturbing her with the noise.  There’s not supposed to be any noise.  I hope I’ll work that out soon.  Maybe it’s good for her to learn how to concentrate with distractions.
  • My apprentice.  Or the spy sent to me.  She’s from Silvermoon, and my notice was only up in the Ghostlands.  Some random person told her about it?  I think that’s a little suspicious.  I’m not letting on to the fact that I think it’s a bit suspicious.  My only question is if they’re sending Lanthiriel, then why do they need to send Desdeyliri, unless Lanthiriel is truly being honest about not telling them everything.  She said she’s here as a priestess who I can talk to, not as a sister.  Everything is confidential.  An apprentice wouldn’t have that.  Maybe I could make it a new rule.  That would be funny.
  • She’s taken trips to send mail a couple of times already.  I’m almost certain that she’s reporting back to them.
  • We spoke last night at supper, well we usually do, but last night we talked a bit longer.  We talked a bit about the types of magic she should learn.  I want her to start with fire, even if she isn’t as good at it as some others.  If she starts with her weakest point, then the others will come a lot easier when we get to them.
  • She mentioned how much she likes shopping, again.  I decided that would be a good place to start with a hint of false information.  I don’t want her to get the wrong idea, so I only mentioned that we could go robe shopping together in a roundabout way.  Hopefully, she doesn’t think about it too much and just reports it to those who hired her to spy on me.
  • I told her to tell her friends I’m gay so that they don’t think anything improper is going on.  Then I kind of denied being gay in a roundabout way.  I hope she reports that too.
  • I don’t care what her friends think.
  • I have to be careful about giving her false information to give to my family.  I don’t think she is a horrible person, and I do want to see her succeed with her studies.  After all, her success would be my success, whether she was sent here to spy or not.  She is a mage apprentice, and she does have talent.
  • We talked about jewelry too.  I never really bought any, even the ring for Xyliah wasn’t something I paid for.  She thought a gold ring from Dalaran would be expensive.  A lot more than they cost in Silvermoon.
  • Aeramin probably spent a lot on it.
  • What’s most unnerving about that is that after speaking to her last night, I got a letter from him today.  He sent the ring to me.  He said it didn’t feel right to have it there when it was a token of his love for me.
  • I wish I hadn’t read the letter.  Everything that I was so sure about before is confusing now.  I’m not sure who to trust.

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