Vallindra’s Notes

  • He asked!
  • I knew he was going to because we did talk about it beforehand, but it’s still all very exciting.
  • He came to me last night and told me he had something to show me.  We went to Nagrand.  I’d been there for only brief periods of time before, but I always thought it was beautiful.  We went to the hills in the west. There he showed me a huge portal with an eredar, and cultists.  We watched it for quite some time, and discussed it as well.  I’ve never seen eredar before.
  • Then he mentioned the other thing we talked about.  I don’t know.  We talk about a lot of other things.  That was when he got down on his knee and showed me the ring.
  • He asked.  I said yes, of course.
  • The ring is beautiful, just like my mother’s ring, except I think the diamond is a bit bigger.  I’ll have to compare next time I see her.
  • That might be a while.  I imagine they’re probably not happy with me still, if Lani said anything.  She probably did.
  • Anyway the magister and I kissed right there.  It wasn’t the most romantic spot, I suppose, but it was an interesting spot.  The evening wound up being quite romantic all the same.  Maybe an interesting spot is better than a romantic spot.
  • There were metal things that seemed to be implanted in the ground.  I asked Xanaroth if he knew what they were.  He thought they were some sort of foci, perhaps to power the portal.  I thought that might be it.
  • I found it curious that they seemed to be actually in the ground as well.  Normally, a ley-line would naturally adjust to go around such an obstruction, unless it was drawing from it.  Which would make it very interesting indeed.
  • Perhaps there’s some of the same things elsewhere.  I’d like to examine them up close.  We obviously couldn’t there, and we were much too far for me to even know if there was a ley-line there in the first place, much less discern if any of the foci were drawing from it.
  • The area hasn’t been mapped.  I can see why.
  • We went home after that.  We talked a little about what we’d like.  I don’t think I’d like a big wedding.  Just a nice dress, a few friends and maybe some of my family will show up.
  • I keep looking at the ring today.  It’s still a little unreal.

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