Hethurin’s Study

Hethurin Fairsong doesn’t cry.

He wiped a tear away as he crumpled the letter.  He threw it at the further wall, watching as it dropped to the floor.  He frowned.

Hethurin Fairsong doesn’t throw tantrums either.  Hethurin Fairsong is not a child.

He walked over to the crumpled paper and picked it up.  He supposed it wouldn’t be good to leave it for Tik to pick up and read, too.  He straightened out the paper, the creases unfolding as he flattened out the paper on the small table at the center of his study.  He folded it normally, and placed it in the envelope it had come in.

Why was she telling him anything about Aeramin?  He didn’t need to hear how sad he was, or that he was getting a cat to replace him.  He quickly wiped away another tear.  He knew what he saw.  Aeramin wasn’t even thinking about him anymore.  Kestrae had to be just saying that to be nice.

She did start out her letter with saying she didn’t know what to say.  I wouldn’t be able to tell someone they were replaced as soon as they left either.

He frowned at the opened envelope as he placed it on the table.  He picked up another, unopened envelope.  This one was from Isandri.  He opened it and began to read.  He frowned more than once as he looked it over.  He picked up the other letter and carried both to his desk.  He sat and began to write a reply.


I’ve talked to the naaru.  They don’t always answer, but sometimes it helps just to talk.  I used to sit there and talk to the one who was alone.  If you want to come here for a few days, that would be okay too.  I have five or six spare bedrooms.  I haven’t really counted, but you could use one.  I think the ghosts use a couple of them.

There’s a really nice place to fish on the shore here.  Muffins has started following me there, although I don’t really like him out of the house at all because he’s just a cat and there are some big scary things out there.  I can defend myself and him, but he can’t do anything alone.  He likes the fish though, so I let him go with me.

Do you like fishing?  I find it calming, except putting the bait on, and taking the fish off.  I’m getting better at it though.

I’m sorry to hear Berwick is in Dalaran still and that Thero is being a butt.  I’m sure there must be plans to get the rest of the people out of the city.  Maybe they could wait for that?

Is Aeramin really looking for a new cat?  I thought he didn’t like Muffins.

Lanthiriel comes to visit on Sundays.  I guess she’s okay.  She hasn’t said she isn’t.  She hasn’t said she hates you either.

– Hethurin

He waited a minute for the ink to dry before folding it and slipping it into a new envelope.  He had barely wrote the address on it, when there was a knock at the door of his study.

“Enter.” Hethurin called out as he sealed the envelope.

“Magister,”  Tik tipped his head in a bow.

Hethurin wished he would stop that.  He wasn’t nobility.  He supposed some habits were hard to break.

“There is a young lady at the door asking for you.  She said it’s about the apprenticeship.”

Hethurin’s ears perked up.  “There is?”

“Yes, shall I show her to the sitting room, Magister?”

Hethurin nodded, “Of course.  I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

Tik nodded as he turned and left the room.  Hethurin waited for the door to close before picking up the freshly sealed letter and putting on a cloak.  He started casting the spell to teleport, appearing a few seconds later at the mailbox in Tranquillien.  He dropped the letter in and started casting his spell to take him back home.

It was time to meet his first prospective apprentice.


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