Hunting in Dragonblight

Xyliah Amberlight moved silently between the trees in south-eastern Dragonblight.  The Forsaken town was short on food supplies even without the refugees from Dalaran.  She had only just arrived the day before.  She had spent the previous weeks foraging and hunting for herself and Ember, the corehound pup, while searching for any sign of Berwick and Thalien.  She hated giving up, but even she had to admit that they might not be where she could find them that easily.  They could be in the city still.  She wasn’t giving up, not in her mind.  The truth was, she was getting help.

She had spoken with another sin’dorei woman the previous evening, after having a small meal of unidentifiable mush.  The other woman, Kit was her name, hadn’t heard anything from Silvermoon.  Kit was certain that her jewelcrafter was being held in Dalaran.  She said she had seen them capture him.  She was there at Venomspite waiting for help.

As it turned out, she was sick of waiting.  The two of them had begun to make the beginnings of a plan.  The first thing this morning that Xyliah did was send a letter home to her father.  She knew he wouldn’t exactly approve, but he would come through for her.  She had asked for a spyglass to be sent to her at Venomspite.  She knew she would get a scolding letter, along with him telling her not to do anything.  Let the authorities handle it.  Xyliah twitched an ear as she climbed down a small slope.  The authorities weren’t doing anything.

A treasure hunter and a jeweler.  They had done nothing.  Xyliah shook her head as she neared a small frozen stream.  There was no explanation that made sense.  They had no reason to be kept.  They should have been released.  Silvermoon should have negotiated their release.  Kit had promised to send letters asking for other important things.  They needed gold for supplies and a rental dragonhawk or windrider.  They needed more equipment.  They needed to know where the men were being held.  With the spyglass and the mount, she would be able to get close enough to scout.  Were the sewers still open?  Were they guarded?  Could they land somewhere along the outer wall at night?

She would know in a few days.  She smiled as she looked down.  Fresh deer tracks were spread along the bank of the stream, headed south.  She knocked an arrow on her bow and began to follow them.  If Kit was able to find some fruit or vegetable then maybe between the two of them, they could both have a real meal tonight.



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