Theronil’s Letter

Lhosson Fairsun,

You may not remember me as it has been years since we have worked together.  I have not returned to work since the day of the scourge attack on Silvermoon.  I still consider myself a ranger, though my life is much more quieter now.  I remember you came to see me shortly after my injury, but we have since lost touch.  I, regrettably, got caught up in my studies in Dalaran, and neglected to visit Silvermoon very often.

Dalaran is the reason I’m writing.  I thought you would, perhaps, have more information than I, given that you are still an active ranger.  My wife and I left Dalaran just shortly before the tragedy there that the Silver Covenant and Kirin Tor wrought upon our people.  We had moved to Shattrath wisely as the tensions in the city seemed a little too high, and I did not want to risk something happening, which it did as you know.

My wife and I are safe.  We had no belongings there, and had transferred our funds to Shattrath.  That is the good news.

The bad news is my brother was likely still there.  One of our friends has received a letter informing her that he was captured.  I feel partly responsible as it was I who dragged his drunk ass off the street in Silvermoon and brought him to Dalaran.  He found someone to sponsor his work in jewelcrafting and, as I had heard, he was doing well for himself over the past few months.  He had been in Dalaran at the time of the purge, and with our friend’s information, I am greatly worried.

I was wondering if you had any information on what is being done to rescue those being held there?  My brother is a simple jewelcrafter.  He had basic sword training years ago, but has never been much of a fighter.  Are negotiations being held to bargain for their release?  Is any kind of rescue being planned?

You may contact me at my address in Shattrath.  If needed, I will travel to Silvermoon to meet with you.

– Theronil Whitemorn


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