The Purge of Dalaran

Teniron woke with a start.  What was Kit doing pulling the blanket off of him like that?

She answered before he had a chance to ask, “We need to go.  Now.  Quick, get dressed.”  Her short quick sentences matched her pace as she took a few of her favorite items from the closet and put them in a travel bag.

Teniron raised a brow inquisitively as he sat up.  “What’s going on?” he asked as he caught the shirt that she tossed at him.

“Good question.”  She quickly grabbed another travel bag and starting tossing a few things from his side of the closet into it.  “They’re arresting all of the sin’dorei in the city.  From what I saw, they’re killing anyone who resists.  We need to get out of here now.  We’ll find out what exactly is going on later.”

For a moment, Teniron thought she had to be kidding.  He continued sitting on the bed, slowly sliding his shirt on and wondering what possessed her to make jokes about that.

“I mean now!”  Her ear twitched.  Teniron knew that could only mean one thing.  She was quite serious.  His eyes widened at the realization.  He hastily buttoned his shirt and tossed on half of his armor.

She handed his bag to him.  “We don’t have time to take everything.  Here.  Stay close.  We’ll try to make it to the landing.”

He nodded.  Was this really happening?  He followed her to the front door.  As she peeked out into the street, he grabbed a small painting off the wall and stuffed it into his bag between some shirts.

“We’re in luck.  They’re not here yet.”  Kit stepped cautiously outside and motioned for him to follow.  Teniron was glad that he had chosen what was probably the quietest street in Dalaran to live on.  It was a long cul-de-sac that bordered one of the walls surrounding the city.  Unless one lived there, there was little reason to be there.

Kit picked her way down the street staying close to the wall and keeping a watchful eye on the buildings as they passed them.  Teniron followed closely, his hand resting on his sword hilt.

“What about my brother?”

Kit’s ear twitched as she glanced back at him.  “There’s no time.”

He frowned, but continued to follow.  He remembered the last time he had to evacuate and there wasn’t time to go back.  He held the bag with the painting in it closer.

Kit motioned for him to stop as she peered around the corner of a building.  “Stay against the wall.  Be ready.” she whispered as she pulled away from the edge of the building.  She drew her sword.

He nodded as he pressed his back against the wall and readied his own sword.  How long had it been since his lessons?  Decades.  Did he even remember how to use it?  Would it matter in a city of mages?

His thoughts were interrupted as Kit swung her sword low just as a high elf appeared from around the corner.  The elf stumbled forward, Kit swung her sword back the other way, hitting him in the back of the head.  He fell forward, knocked out cold.  Kit grabbed Teniron’s wrist, “This way.” she said, as she dragged him across the street to an alley on the other side.

There was a door there.  Teniron recognized it as the back of one of the inns; one that was very near the landing.  Kit tried opening the door, but it was locked.  She slid a hairpin from her hair, one of the ones Teniron had made and started wiggling it around in the lock.  “Keep watch.”

Teniron peeked around the building at the edge of the alley.  The high elf still laid in the middle of the street, but there were shouts, and the sounds of heavy boots on stone.  “They’re coming, Kit.  Hurry.”

He looked back around the corner.  They were there now.  Two more high elves, Silver Covenant, he guessed by their tabard.  What were they doing?  Why was this happening here?  This city was supposed to be safe for everyone.  He frowned at the two kneeling over the other.  They were trying to wake him up.  He glanced back at Kit.  “They’re right around the corner.”

She twitched an ear, giving the hairpin one last wiggle in the lock before hearing the click.  She smiled and pushed the door open.  Teniron hurried next to her.  They both gaped at the scene inside.  The tables and chairs were broken and toppled over.  Bodies of elves were everywhere.  Then they heard a shout from within, “There’s more!  At the back door!”

Kit grabbed the door and closed it quickly.  “They’ve seen us.”

Teniron glanced back at the street.  Shouts for assistance were being yelled from that direction as well.  Teniron and Kit both looked at the wall at the other end of the alley.  “The landing is right there, at the top of that wall” Kit said.  She nodded at the wooden boxes and crates lining the alley.  “We’ll have to climb.  Let’s go.”

Teniron grabbed one of the empty wooden crates and put it on top of one of the others next to the wall.  Then he grabbed another.  “Go up first.  I’ll follow.”

He watched as Kit started climbing, and as she reached the top, he started making his way up.  Then he heard shouts behind him.

“Stop!  Stop right there!  You’re all under arrest!”

He felt the hands on his feet as he was pulled down from the crates.  Just before losing his grip, he tossed his bag up over the top.  “Keep going!” he yelled.  He could only hope she listened as he fell to the ground.


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