Lanthiriel – A Letter Home

Dear Father,

I’m writing as you requested.  My first stop was the outpost in Hellfire Peninsula.  It was horrible and hot and the landscape was barren and red and it reeked of fel.  I asked the innkeeper if a Hethurin Fairsong was there, and he said there was, a magister whom spends much time in his room.  I didn’t speak to him, as you stated I shouldn’t.  I fail to see how the matter is relevant.

No, I know how the matter is relevant.  It’s him, isn’t it?  Why don’t you want me to go talk to him?  I can’t say this to you.

I got a room at the inn in Shattrath.  They have a tree up for Winter’s Veil, and there’s a dining area.  I found a spot outside where they had some tables and chairs set up.  I saw Aeramin.

Have you maybe thought that this is a mistake and that Sanimir could be safe with Aeramin?  I don’t see anything dangerous about him.  I think he loves my brother and would keep him safer than Aunt Glinassel ever could.  Sanimir is traumatized over what happened at the farm.  He’s hurt.  He needs healing.  And I really can’t say any of this to you.

Aeramin was alone.  I’ll keep watching.

My brother’s safety may depend on it.

Light be with you,


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One response to “Lanthiriel – A Letter Home

  1. Aww 😦 They don’t trust her though, at least Isandri doesn’t.

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