Art/Story – Falcon Watch

Aeramin Firewind hopped off his dragonhawk as it hovered near the ground in Falcon Watch.  He was hoping Sanimir was in a better mood as he walked up the stairs to the room he was staying in.  He knocked lightly.  “It’s me, Aeramin.”

He heard movement in the room.  The couch had definitely been moved against the door again.  He waited until the door was opened for him.  Sanimir peeked around the edge of the door as it opened slowly.

“You don’t have to be scared of me.”  Aeramin smiled.

Sanimir let the door open enough for Aeramin to come in.  His expression remained blank as he took a seat on the couch, which now sat in the middle of the room.

“I have more books for you and I brought some extra food.  I thought you might be hungry.” Aeramin put bag on the table.  He started opening another bag.  “I brought someone who misses you, too.”

Muffins jumped out of the bag as soon Aeramin had it open enough.  The cat had disliked the dragonhawk ride, and to carry him safely, Aeramin had to secure him somehow.  The bag had worked, but the cat disliked that more than the dragonhawk.  Muffins hopped up on the couch next to Sanimir.

Sanimir smiled.  It was brief, but Aeramin saw it.

Aeramin opened the food bag and took out some fresh fish that he had bought just before leaving Shattrath.  He put some on a plate and put it next to Muffins.  Sanimir was scratching behind the cat’s ears now.  His smile had faded, but he seemed content.

“Sanimir, are you feeling better today?”

Sanimir looked at Aeramin, raising a brow.

Aeramin sat on the couch next to Sanimir.  Muffins picked up his fish in his mouth and carried it off.  Aeramin put the plate on the small table.  “Something’s wrong.  You won’t let me get very close to you.  I’ve missed you.  I know you’ve been through a lot.  I just wanted to let you know that you can talk to me.”

Sanimir looked up, glaring at Aeramin.

“I mean…” he frowned.  Of course Sanimir couldn’t talk.  He was still silenced.  “You can let me know.  You know, by writing.  I gave you paper.”

Sanimir looked at the paper.  It still sat on the table where Aeramin had left it yesterday.  He shook his head.

“That’s okay.  I can wait until you’re ready.  I don’t want to pressure you.”

Sanimir looked at Aeramin again.  He shook his head once more.

“No?  No what?”

Sanimir made no attempt to explain what he meant.  He looked away.

Aeramin tried scooting just a little closer, holding his breath and hoping that Sanimir wouldn’t move further away.

The other elf made no attempt to move.  Instead, his head hung.  His elbows resting on his knees, and his hands were folded.  Aeramin thought he saw a tear.  He carefully reached up and put his hand on Sanimir’s shoulder.

“I love you.  You’re safe here.  Things will get better, I promise.”

Sanimir’s ears twitched.  He brushed Aeramin’s hand away and abruptly stood up.  He went to the table with the paper and ink.  He wrote quickly, almost angrily.  He picked up the paper and walked back to the couch.  He held the paper so Aeramin could see.

My father said the same thing.

Aeramin frowned.  It was going to be a long day.



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