Latahlali – Letter to Isandri

Dear Isandri,

Hi!  I thought you might be worried that you hadn’t seen anyone in Dalaran recently.  Raleth and I have moved to Shattrath.  We have a cute home here next to the bird people.  They’re a little strange, but they don’t bother us.  He thinks it’s safe to go out in the forest a little ways, but then he keeps making excuses.  I think he doesn’t really want to go.

Oh, you should see the library here, it’s huge!  There’s a lot of Sin’dorei in it too.  They have all sorts of books.  I’ve found some that I haven’t read before.  Then I’ve found some that I have read before but they’ve added pictures!  There’s an orphanage near the market here and in the middle of the city is where the naaru are.  They’re not easy to describe to people who haven’t seen them before.

Kestrae is staying at the inn near the library.  I don’t get out to see her half as much as I’d like to.  You should visit with the kittens and we can have a kitty reunion!

Are things still okay in Dalaran?  I noticed things were just getting more and more tense there.  That’s why we moved.  What does Theronil think about it?  Have you talked about moving too?

Hope everything is going well!

– Lali Ashclaw

P.S. – What do you think of Keme or Awan or Mingan for boys names?


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