Vallindra – Vallindra’s Notes

  • Magister Embersun has agreed to teach me.  We discussed it the other night at the inn in Shadowmoon Valley.  He didn’t really use the word apprentice, which is just fine with me.  I’d rather think of it as an exchange of knowledge between two scholars.  I am, after all, teaching him how to safely tap into a ley-line.
  • I’m starting with the symbols.  I’m memorizing them first, in particular, the ones I will need to summon an imp.  I’ve seen the symbols before in the books I’ve read about them, but I only remembered them enough to recognize them, not to draw them myself without reference.
  • This means I’ve been making frequent trips to the library.  Of course, I have to be careful.  Even librarians can talk.  However, it isn’t like I haven’t poked around in that section before.  Still, I think it best if Kestrae and Aeramin do not see me in the library.  I look for them before I go to the section I need to go to.  So far, I haven’t run into either.
  • I still think she might have gotten fed up with him and fed him to one of her demons.  I would have by now if I were in her place.
  • I’m extremely worried that my father will find out.  Of course, there isn’t much he can do.  I’m a grown woman, and I live on my own.  I guess Sanimir was living on his own too, but that was different because he’s so young… I hope.
  • I guess he could cut me out of the inheritance.  Big deal.  It’s not like there would be much if it were split six ways anyways.  Knowing my parents, they’re probably leaving it all to Sanimir.
  • I should be ready to summon an imp soon.  Magister Embersun said it helps that I have a background in magic and even some experience with shadow magic.  There will be no turning back after that, but I am sure that this is what I want to do.  I’ve yearned for the feeling of those dark magics for years now.  This is what I want.
  • So I’ll be alone.  Like I haven’t been already.
  • What father doesn’t seem to realize is that most powerful families have a summoner or two.  I’m doing the family a favor by taking this up.  I’m sure he didn’t learn that with his modest upbringing.  Mother may understand better than father would.  Of course it’s best if neither of them find out.
  • I doubt they will as long as Sanimir is out of the way.  I really hope that little wench apprentice priestess  didn’t say anything.  I could try telling Aunt Glinassel the truth about the situation, but I’m not sure she would trust me now, not after father accused me of plotting with Sanimir to help him get away from the farm.
  • I should check to make sure that, if Kestrae didn’t feed that orange-haired little brat to her demons, then he’s not making any plans to leave Shattrath.  Maybe he already has.  Maybe that’s why I haven’t seen him.

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