Art – Terivanis Colored Sketch


His nephew, Farahlor, had taken his first steps.  Kelanori had warned him that he was still unsteady walking on his own.  Terivanis walked slowly along the stony beach, holding the young elf’s hand.  He had missed this with Lilindor, having still been grieving at that point.  Technically, he hadn’t been there for Farahlor’s first steps either, but he was here now, walking with him while he was still unsteady on his feet.  That was more than he had been able to do for Lilindor at the same age.

The waves rushed in, lapping at their bare feet before rushing back out again.  Farahlor would pause each time, looking down at the water swirling around his feet and making joyful squeals.  Terivanis smiled softly each time.

He had, occasionally during the last year, wondered how possible a baby with Vajarra would be.  It hadn’t happened yet.  Perhaps they could adopt one, eventually.  For now, he was content to be Farahlor’s uncle.



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  1. Aww she knew he’d come around eventually!

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