Aeramin – Aeramin’s Notes

  • I received a letter from Isandri, and an address.  I want to drop everything and go there, but I can’t.  I have to take care of my mother, so I’m waiting impatiently to find out if Kes got a letter and if hers has anymore information.  The more we know, the better.
  • Isandri sent a drawing of the place too.  She said she thinks it’s near the Ghostlands.  If the address is right, I think it’s near the town where I used to live when I was little.
  • Really little.  Things were good when we lived there.
  • She said he was going to dig out.  I think that means it must be really horrible.  I can’t just burst in to rescue him though.
  • I still don’t have a plan.  I would send someone to scout, but I don’t know anyone who could.
  • I should start asking around since that’s my only idea that doesn’t end in me being arrested.  Hopefully.  I mean, it’s not against the law to count how many people are there and where they spend most of their time or take note of their routines… or see if he can be seen there, and where and what time might be best to try to find him there.
  • I miss him so much.
  • Maena’s cut was getting worse.  She wouldn’t leave it alone, so I had to take her to the healers.  It’s getting more and more difficult to go anywhere with her.  She’s very unsteady on her feet these days.  She’s even unsteady while off her feet.  I bought a couple of extra pillows last night while she was sleeping and put them at her place where she paints.  It seems to have made a difference.  I know she would be upset if she couldn’t get up to paint.  I think she thinks it’ll sell.
  • She always thought it would sell.  My father knew better.  He was right about that.  It’s not that she’s not good, but she didn’t have the name.  No one wants to buy art from some nameless woman from Murder Row.  Except Arancon used to not say it so politely.
  • Anyway, I took her to the healers and they were able to close the wound.  I asked them if they would be sending someone to help soon, and they said they were still looking, and were following up on a couple of people whom they thought might be able to help.  It was a relief to hear.
  • Kes has offered to watch her from time to time so that I can get to the library.  I hate asking her to, but I do need a break.  Until they find a priestess available for it, I have to accept what help I can get.
  • Muffins seems to be adjusting to life here well.  I think sometimes he’s looking for Sanimir.  I am too.
  • I don’t think Muffins swallowed the pen tip.  He would have shown some kind of symptoms by now.  He seems okay.
  • There’s been a human about, staying at the inn.  He mentioned that he studies curses, or how to get rid of them.  Most mages know how to do that.  I’m assuming that’s something he already knows.  Maybe he’s studying stronger curses.

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