Isturon – Letter to Glinassel

My Dearest Sister, Glinassel Redfeather,

Thank you for your letter.  Vallindra had informed me that Sanimir was doing well, albeit he has made some escape attempts.  I am glad to hear you have things under control.  Hopefully, he will see his folly soon and begin to be more cooperative.  I am sorry about all the extra trouble he has been.

This Friday, Vallindra will return to re-silence him.  I have decided to allow my apprentice, who is also one of his friends, to see him and talk to him.  She will accompany Vallindra when she comes to see him this Friday.  Perhaps she can talk some sense into him.  I know that I asked you to keep him away from any writing tools and paper, but an exception can be made for while his friend is seeing him.  I would ask that some supervision is given during the visit.  We wouldn’t want him asking her to mail any letters to those who wish to harm him!  I do wish for him to be able to communicate with her though, so allowing the use of a pen and paper would be easiest.

I wanted to ask, if it’s not too much trouble, when he starts behaving, if you could perhaps give him some riding lessons?  He had, in his possessions, a strange flying disk that he can stand on to ride.  It doesn’t seem very safe at all, and I fear he may fall off it and break his neck.  Perhaps if he learned to ride for real, he won’t mind if I get rid of the disk.  Let me know if you can or not.

May the light guide you.

Your Brother,
Isturon Lightmist


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