Vallindra – Vallindra’s Notes

  • I told him.  He seemed disappointed, somehow.  I’ve studied shadow magic before, or well, tried too.  My father stopped it.  I don’t want just anyone knowing that.  I do remember some of it.  I’m out of practice.
  • In a way, I think I wanted him to offer to show me more.  In another way, I’m scared.  I’ll admit it.  I’m a mage.  I’m not supposed to do things like that.
  • My father would kill me if he even knew I was considering it.
  • Or send me off to Aunt Glinassel’s hawkstrider farm.
  • Well, no, he can’t.  I’m an adult.  I’ve been on my own for a long time now.
  • Alone.
  • I don’t know why the magister thought I didn’t know how to be alone.  There was once I came close to not being alone.  Well, not really.  He was just an ass using me, and I was just a fool believing him.
  • I can handle being alone.  I just wonder if I can handle admitting to myself that there really isn’t anyone out there for me.
  • I found out yesterday, that the wretched human researcher, sent in their report already… and was approved for another grant.  I should have mine finished soon.  I’ll send it with another application for a grant.  Maybe it won’t be denied this time.
  • I’ve been working today with the maps.  Hopefully Magister Embersun will be ready to go soon.  I’m eager to get out of Shattrath before Kestrae and Aeramin start asking me more questions about Sanimir.  I guess Kestrae is staying in Shadowmoon already or something.  I guess she’s renting two rooms?  I don’t believe for a minute that Aeramin isn’t staying in her room at the inn, although it is true that I haven’t seen him.  Perhaps he is staying somewhere else.  Maybe I’ve lucked out and she’s disposed of him just as she did her ranger.
  • I hope she has.

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