Theronil – Theronil’s Log

Our trip is almost over.  It’s been a wonderful week.  I was worried at first because the inn at the place in the Vale that everyone talks about didn’t have real rooms.  At least they had dividers set up so that others couldn’t watch you sleep, but it wasn’t very private at all.

The morning after our evening at the inn at the shrine, I asked around and found out that there was a place in Jade Forest with the dragons.  I asked around some more and determined that Jade Forest, and the dragons, were safe.

They tried to sell us rides on some kites.  I didn’t think it was a very good idea.  Luckily, I did bring Arelanis with us, so instead of buying a kite ride, I bought a map and we rode out on Arelanis’s back.  I don’t like to make her carry two people for very long.  She made it though, and it was certainly a lot safer than riding a kite!  I gave her extra slices of apple, although I have a feeling she’d carry Isandri and I as far as I asked her to without any promises of extras.

There was a town at a temple nearby.  The inn rented out these cute little cottages, and we stayed in one of those.  Finally, some privacy!  I think Isandri and I were both grateful for that.  They still have the funny curved beds even out of the Vale.  They were oddly comfortable.  I wonder if we could get one for home?

The dragons are like none I’ve ever seen before.  They don’t have wings, yet they fly, and they’re long like a snake.  They weave back and forth through the air.  It was really amazing to watch.  Isandri and I went to an area where they raise and train the hatchlings.  I was afraid she’d ask to keep one, but one of the trainers mentioned that they only give them out to those who stay and train their own.  I should have thanked him.  He saved me from explaining that we really don’t have room to keep one.  They apparently grow very fast.  A tiny one would fit in our apartment just fine, but full-grown, I don’t think there would be room.

I don’t think Isandri wants to leave just yet, but my apprenticeship with my new instructor starts next week.  I’m excited to finally finish my training.


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  1. She can’t ride it because she doesn’t have cloud serpent training! But Thero needs a gold one!

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