Art/Story – Aranae

Aranae Lightmist dropped her travel bag next to a small cot.  She had asked and they had accepted.  Just like that.  There was no aptitude test, no long forms to fill out, no crazy interviews.  She had expected something of that sort, or some reason.

You’re not big enough.  You’re too young.  You’re not one of us.  You haven’t met the requirements.

None of those things had been said.  Instead, here she sat on a cot after being told to settle in.  Her training would start soon.  She shoved her bag under her cot with her foot, and glanced at a gnome sleeping on a cot on the other side of the room.  Sleeping in the middle of the day.  They really weren’t picky.

One of the pandaren approached her, “Aranae Lightmist?”

She nodded, “That’s me.”

The pandaren smiled warmly, “Welcome to the Peak of Serenity.  I will be your guide.  Are you ready to begin your training?”

She smiled back as she stood.  “Yes!  Do we start now?”

“Yes, follow me.”

Aranae followed the pandaren out of the building, excited to finally start.


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