Aeramin – Aeramin’s Notes

  • I woke up late yesterday, and hungover.  I hate myself for drinking that much.  Maena was already awake.  Luckily, she hadn’t decided to go anywhere, but she had made herself breakfast.  The kitchen area was a disaster.
  • I need to pull myself together.  I’m a mess.  Maena deserves the best care I can give her.  I feel I’ve messed up big time by sleeping in one morning.
  • I was hungover too.  She wanted to sing while she painted.  I asked her not to.  She asked me who I was to tell her what she could and couldn’t do.  I just dropped it.  I can’t win that argument with my own mother, even if she doesn’t remember me.
  • I made it through the day.  I had to take her with me to get her more ink and paint.  She gets upset if we run out.  I’m wondering what I should do with all the art she’s been doing.  I guess a few of the pieces would look good on the walls here.  She’s not bad, but she doesn’t do anything like she used to do.
  • I’d try to sell some of it, but I know for a fact that art doesn’t sell, even if it’s good.
  • I think her problem with it now is that she starts painting one thing and winds up painting something completely different.
  • I fed her supper.  I still hadn’t eaten.  She fell asleep shortly after.  I had been told I could find priests and priestesses on the Aldor Rise, so I left her sleeping and went to find one.  It really would have been easier if I had been able to put up a notice in the library, but I really don’t want Embersun or Vallindra to see it.  So I really didn’t have much choice.  I had to go there.
  • I figured the central building at the top would be the best place to start looking.  I was right.  It was a bit scary going there.  There were a lot of draenei.  More than I expected.  I’ve never really had much contact with them before, just a little here in Shattrath.  Not many of them make their way to the Scryer’s Tier.
  • They’re really tall.
  • Elekks are really big.
  • Male draenei are really big.
  • I walked inside the building at the top during a prayer, just as one of the male priests there was asking the light to give them tolerance for their elven guests in the city.  It was a bit awkward.  For me.  He was probably laughing about it later.
  • I asked for help after it seemed like they were done.  After explaining the situation, they sent me off to another building to talk to one of the priestesses there.
  • I found a draenei priestess willing to talk to me there.  Her name was Abhayaa.  We spoke for a short time.  I thought I was interrupting her work, but then she said she was hungry and asked if I’d like to go get something to eat.  I agreed.  I hadn’t ate all day, and I thought I was hungry.  It turns out I wasn’t.  She ate all of her stew.  I barely touched my soup.  The bread was good.  I ate some of that.  I nibbled at it more on the way home.
  • She asked about what was bothering me.  I guess I wasn’t hiding it that well, but the feelings are still very strong right now.  I don’t want to think he sent the ring back, but I did get it back.  I wound up telling her about Sanimir and how we had parted earlier this week because of his family, but I know for sure now because the ring I gave him was sent back the day before.
  • I was worried about saying boyfriend and said lover instead, but then I referred to him as him, so she probably figured it out.  I don’t know if draenei do that.  She didn’t seem offended or anything.
  • And that, on top of things with my mother… She wasn’t sure what to do about my mother.  I’m not really sure she’s ever dealt with anyone dying of old age before.  I don’t think draenei do that.  She said she would look for someone and spread word that a calligrapher is looking for work.
  • Again, I can’t put up a notice in the library for that either.  The last thing I want is Embersun to know how to contact me.  I took the other one down.
  • I went home.  Maena was still asleep so I sat on the front step for a bit.  I know Embersun or Vallindra could run into me there, but I’m not locking myself inside all of the time out of fear of them.  That would be letting them win.
  • Kestrae stopped by.  She said they’re going to Shadowmoon.  I hope Embersun burns his face off.  All of it.
  • Kes mentioned that I’d probably have to face the felguard again.  It knows me.  It’s probably looking for me.  I did banish it, but I guess it was able to get here somehow on it’s own in the first place.  There’s probably some demonic portal there that it can pass through at will. Somewhere.
  • When I’m stronger.
  • She also mentioned overhearing Vallindra and Embersun in the library.  She said she thought Vallindra was talking about Sanimir, but then she mentioned hawkstriders too.  She wasn’t close enough to hear everything though.
  • She really doesn’t think Sanimir is in Dalaran though.  She said Vallindra was asking all sorts of weird questions about cats and then just teleported away without explanation.  It could be explained by Muffins being left alone in Dalaran, if I thought Vallindra had half a heart to care.  I don’t think she does.
  • I’m still not sure what to think.  I will assume for now that he is not coming back of his own choice.  If I assume otherwise, I may do stupid things.  I promised Kes that I wouldn’t.

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