Aeramin – Letter to Raleth

Dear Raleth,

Thank you for your letter.  I would appreciate more work.  I haven’t had much time to get set up here so I definitely need it.  I would be happy to make the final copy after the corrections are made.  As for the other book, would the mage like the book copied into a fancy script or is normal okay?  Perhaps you can have him contact me.  I do charge a little extra for the fancy script as it takes more time.

I don’t know anything about Kestrae’s letter.  I know she has gone to Shadowmoon Valley to study the netherdrakes there.  I, of course, reminded her of the dangers there before she left, not that I think she would carelessly stumble into them like myself.  I’m sure she has accurate maps of the area and knows exactly where she’s going.  She has come back to Shattrath on occasion.  I assume for supplies, or simply a decent meal as I know for a fact the inn in Shadowmoon lacks many things we take for granted.

The tension in Dalaran has worsened?  I am saddened to hear that.  If you see Sanimir Lightmist, perhaps you can tell him that he should think about basing his portal business in another city.  I’m sure it would work out better for him in the long run anyway, as there are more than enough mages who can do portals in Dalaran.  I am aware that there is tension between you and him.  However, it would be good for me to know that he is out of harms way, should something come of the problems in Dalaran.  Even though we have agreed to spend some time apart, I still care greatly for him.

Shattrath is safe, as far as I can tell.  The lower city can be a little rough with pickpockets and a few shady characters, but I think every city has someplace where those types hang out.  Even Dalaran has the sewers.  The tiers are completely safe, and I’m sure Lali would be able to make use of the large library on the Scryer’s Tier.  I have chosen to rent an apartment here, near the inn.  I could ask if there are other apartments available if you wish?  I wouldn’t have brought my mother here if I didn’t feel she would be safe.

– Aeramin Firewind



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