Vallindra – Vallindra’s Notes

  • I haven’t been back to Dalaran since the incident.  I imagine rumors are running rampant about me.
  • I’ll never get a grant again.  That’s it.  With one call to the guards that little brat has destroyed all I’ve worked for.
  • I swear, if Ann’da and Minn’da didn’t do anything about this…
  • I can actually hear them telling him, “Oh it’s fine.  Go ahead and get your sister arrested.  No one cares about her.  What’s important is that our darling little boy is safe.”
  • So I got a room at the inn here after all.  I spent the evening talking to Mr. Wants-to-be-alone-forever.
  • That’s fine.  I do too.
  • He’s an idiot if he thinks he can control the power from a ley-line.
  • He doesn’t even know how to detect them yet.  I do believe he’s capable.  He just hasn’t realized it.  You can’t draw power from them correctly if you don’t know what you’re doing.
  • Too much power, and that’s it.  He’s done.
  • I guess he wouldn’t have to worry about being alone then.
  • He was talking about training an animal to detect them for him.  Even if he could, without proper training on drawing power from a ley-line… I’m repeating myself.
  • I compared it to summoning a demon.  If I tried to summon a demon of some sort without any training, he agreed it would be completely and utterly foolish.  Probably fatal too.  Why doesn’t he understand that ley-lines need the same respect?  Is he trying to get himself killed?
  • He wouldn’t listen to me.  He kept talking about experiments.  I tried to get him to let me teach him.
  • It would be a shame to ruin those ears.
  • He said he’d think about it.
  • I hope he does.
  • I could help him more.  I’ve done it before.  I have used ley-lines and I have transferred the power of one to another ley walker a distance away.
  • In fact, that was the way I learned to control the amount of power I draw.
  • I’d much rather that he’s able to detect them at least before we move on to more advanced studies.
  • Detect them on his own, without any trained animals.
  • Before going to my room, I checked at the front desk to see how many people were staying in Aeramin’s room.  The magister was sure my brother was there.  Aeramin doesn’t have a room.  I asked then if Kestrae did.  She had checked out earlier.  There was only one bed in her room.
  • Does that mean they all sleep together?
  • I asked if they had seen anyone who looks like my brother.  They hadn’t.  Maybe the magister doesn’t really know.
  • Shame that his ears will be alone too.

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