Aeramin – Aeramin’s Notes

  • I haven’t heard from Kes.  Maybe she hasn’t left yet.  She was very upset though.  I tried to tell her that people like them shouldn’t matter.  I know it’s not always easy to believe that.  I was victim of a lot of teasing and being laughed at when I was younger.  People who are just out to hurt other people aren’t worth the tears.
  • I didn’t go out yesterday, so I don’t know if they’ve left or not.  I’ll have to take Maena with me later today to go to the market.
  • I’ll need more food to cook with.  The food available here is different.  The vegetables, the meat, everything.  I wonder if I could find a decent clefthoof recipe book while I’m out.  I might try to find the man who was selling fish from the marsh last time.  I saw him, but I didn’t have time to visit all of the stalls then.  I didn’t want to leave Maena alone for too long.
  • She tends to wander off.  Taking her with me solves the problem, until she wets herself, or decides not to follow me and gets vocal about not knowing the man who is trying to drag her with him.  Guards tend to get involved.
  • I’ve developed new strategies for dealing with her when she gets like that.  Telling her that I’m one of Arancon’s relatives usually works.  She’ll comment a lot on how much I look like him.  Sometimes she mistakes me for him.  That gets a little weird, but luckily she hasn’t tried anything too weird.
  • Sometimes she asks how I’m related.  Usually I can distract her by asking another question or showing her something completely off the subject.  Sometimes I have to lie.
  • She really dislikes being told she has a son who she has forgotten.
  • It hurts that she doesn’t remember me.  She remembers my ass of a father but not me.
  • Sometimes, when I tell her I’m one of his relatives, she asks where he is.  I lie and tell her he’ll be here in a few days, to Shattrath.  I hate lying to her.
  • I really do want her to remember that Shattrath is her home.
  • I haven’t heard from Sanimir since the night that Kes told me that Embersun and Vallindra were at the library.  I sent him back then.  He hasn’t returned.
  • I did tell him to stay there ‘a few days’.  I didn’t expect he wouldn’t show up at night.  I waited last night, fully expecting him to show up.  I was completely ready with a speech about how he shouldn’t be here.
  • Of course, I would have let him stay.

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