Sanimir – Sanimir’s Notes

  • I got home late last night.  I was just going to leave my earnings and get a robe to wear tomorrow, but there were people there.  Aeramin came back, but he’s hurt really bad.  I wanted to hug him, but I didn’t want to hurt him so I didn’t.  That, and there were other people there.
  • Kes was there.  I guess Isandri was there earlier.  There was also an archer.  His boar found Aeramin.  I have to write a letter after this.
  • I went home to Silvermoon while they were there with him.  He needs healing.  He saw Isandri, but she’s still in training.  She’s a great healer, but I don’t think she’s dealt with anything so serious before.  I know my father has.
  • I teleported to outside the house.  The office was closed so I knocked on the other door.  Luckily, Lanthiriel answered.  She told me I wasn’t supposed to be there, like I didn’t know that.  I explained that Aeramin was hurt and I needed to see father.  She told me to wait outside, and that she’d find a way to let him know without telling mother.  I thanked her.
  • He opened the office door about five minutes later and told me to come in, and then I explained that Aeramin was hurt really bad and that he would have died if he hadn’t been found and he needs healing.  He wanted to know the details and whether it was very urgent or if it could wait until morning.  I thought it could wait until morning since he had already received some basic healing.  He said to bring him directly into the office in the morning.  He didn’t want mother to see me go into the office from outside.  She’s still angry.
  • So I went back.  I made a portal to Shattrath for the archer.  I wouldn’t travel to Shadowmoon Valley that late, but maybe he was used to it.
  • I got a sleeping robe for Aeramin, and Kes helped me get him to the bedroom.  I was going to sleep on the couch because I didn’t want to accidentally touch one of his wounds or bruises while sleeping and wind up hurting him.  I went to check on him, and he woke up.  He wanted me to stay with him and not go to the couch.  I didn’t sleep very well.  I was worried I’d fall asleep and jab him in the chest with my elbow.  He says I move a lot in my sleep.
  • But before that, before Kes left, she told me I should put my gold at the bank.  I don’t know if that’s a good idea.  I saw my sister before coming home.  She said her application for a grant was denied, but they approved a human mage’s request for the same thing.  She’s certain it’s because of Theramore and because they think that we had something to do with it.  I don’t know what to think.  I don’t like politics.  But if things get worse here, I don’t want to have to make a trip to the bank.  I would rather the humans don’t know how much money I’ve made in the past few days either.  I brought some of it with me to Silvermoon today.  I’ll deposit it in a bit.
  • I brought Aeramin with me this morning.  His ankle is really sore because there’s a very deep cut there.  I thought the best way would be to cast a spell on a blanket so that the edges of it would stay a certain distance off the ground.  My father was impressed as I guided the floating blanket with Aeramin in it through the portal.
  • He said he told mother that he had an emergency case that needed surgery this morning.  She rarely goes into the office, and never bothers him when he’s doing operations.  As it turned out, he told the truth.  Aeramin needed surgery for his ankle.  He also did the work on the burn on his face while he was out.  I hadn’t seen it before because he had a bandage over it.  It looked really bad but after my father was done, it looked a little better.  My father said he couldn’t do anything about his eye, and doesn’t know anyone who can.  So he’ll probably won’t be able to see on that side ever.
  • He did the best he could to minimize the scarring from the burn.  It’s still healing, he said but it shouldn’t look too bad when it finishes.  Aeramin was really worried about that.  He gave me a salve and said Aeramin has to use it twice a day for a few weeks.  It will help his skin heal.
  • He put a cast on his foot so he won’t move it while that heals.
  • Aeramin’s still sleeping.  Lanthiriel said she’d bring us some food from supper, as she usually does for patients.  Mother won’t question it at all.
  • He knows what the burn is.  It’s from fel fire.  I was hoping he wouldn’t, but I kind of knew he would.  He asked about it while he was talking to Aeramin and Aeramin told him that he got too close to a demon while looking for a friend in Shadowmoon Valley.  My father wanted to know what kind of friends he has.  Then after the surgery, my father wanted to talk to me about it, and said that some mages aren’t real mages.  I told him I was aware of that, but I studied with Aeramin.  He’s just a fire mage.  He seemed satisfied with that answer.  I wonder if he knows that people think the same thing about Vallindra sometimes?
  • My father said he could go back to Dalaran after he woke up, but I would have to check him every hour and bring him back immediately if something is wrong.  He said it’s not usual that he lets a patient for surgery go home the same day, but he didn’t want mother to find out I was here.  I used to help in the office when I was younger so I know what to watch for.  So we should be back home tonight.

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