Aeramin – The Felguard

Aeramin Firewind dropped the package into the mailbox at the Sanctum of the Stars in Shadowmoon Valley.  Another set of invitations was finished.  He had more to work on, but the rest of the second order could be finished later.  He had other things to do today, and he felt he deserved the break.  He went back to his room.  He had noticed the hole in the ceiling had been repaired, although it was still one of the cheapest rooms there.  Not that any of them were truly expensive.  Not many visitors came this way.

Aeramin put his calligraphy supplies bag in the corner, and picked up his bag with his book of notes and supplies for his other profession.  He would need them where he was going.  He hurried to the stable to get his rented dragonhawk.

On his way here he had flown over an area that seemed to be teaming with felguards.  He mounted the dragonhawk, and headed towards the west, pushing it as fast as it would go.  If asked, he wouldn’t be able to deny that he was excited.  He’d wanted one since he had first read of them in the book when he was stuck in that room at the Dalaran library, and seeing them in Nagrand, only made him want one more.

He landed south of, and some distance away from, the demons he had seen on the way to Shadowmoon Valley.  He had practiced his shadow spells on the birdmen again, as well as working on a new spell, the creation of soul shards.  He took the small bag from his larger bag, and took out five of the crystal shards.  Birdmen souls.  They should work.  He took out the black sand and made the circle, drawing the runes precisely on the hardened soil.  He placed the shards around the circle at regular distances apart, and drew the lines over them.

Normally, a circle like the one he had just made would be used to summon something powerful.  He cast the spell to activate it, and using a few minor adjustments to the spell, turned it into a powerful trap.  Of course, it wasn’t hidden, nor did he expect a demon to just stumble into it.  As he had done with the voidlord the day before, he planned to control one into it.  He glanced around the side of the rock that hid him from sight of the closest felguards.  It would have to be one of them, when the others weren’t looking.  He crept along the ridge, waiting to see his chance.

Then one neared where he hid while watching.  A little closer.  A little closer.  It was perfect.  The felguard looked strong and domineering.  This one would be his.  He grinned as he began to whisper the words to enslave it.  The demon fought against the spell, the invisible chains that Aeramin wove around it flexed and heaved as the demon struggled.  Aeramin continued the cast working to strengthen the bonds.

Then they shattered.  Shadowed bits of chains dissipated in the air around the demon as it began charging towards Aeramin.

“Oh, shit.”

Aeramin took a few steps backwards, knowing it was futile to try to outrun the felguard.  He cast a spell raising a wall of fire between him and the felguard.  The felguard passed through it as though it was a warm breeze and nothing more.  Aeramin quickly conjured a large ball of flame and hurled it towards the demon.  The felguard seemed to smile as he raised his weapon.  The flame reflected off the blade, speeding back towards Aeramin, and knocking him backwards as he took the full force of the blow.

He felt intense pain on the left side of his face and left ear.  He reached up to feel when pain cut across his chest.  He cried out in agony as the felguard’s blade cut across him again.

“The mortal wants to play?”

Aeramin instinctively tried to move further away, pushing himself backwards with his feet while keeping his eyes on the demon.  The pain in his chest and face made it difficult to do anything.  The demon swung his weapon at the foot doing the pushing.  A sharp jolt of pain as the blade hit bone caused Aeramin to cry out once more.  This time, he followed his initial yell with a cry for help.

“No one can help you.  You will die here, mortal.”

The deep gash in Aeramin’s ankle spilled blood out onto the dry ground.  He couldn’t run, not now.  He did the only thing he could do, cast.  He used the same spell he had before, and concentrated on making the strongest bonds he could.  The demon struggled against the pressure of them.

“You will fail, mortal.  You are too weak.”

Aeramin realized the demon was right.  Casting was making him dizzy.  He fought to stay alert.

The chains shattered again.

The demon grabbed Aeramin by the neck and lifted him off the ground.  “I will not bow to a weakling.”

Aeramin gasped for breath as the demon tightened his grip on his throat.  He remembered then, a banishment spell for an unbound demon.  He never had the chance to practice it before.  He croaked the words out with difficulty.

The demon shifted out of the world.

Aeramin fell to the ground.  He pushed himself behind a large rock using his good foot, and passed out.  The demon was probably right.  Unless someone came along soon, he would die here.


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